Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sagan getting cannibalized?

Today's Nikkan Sports reports that Sagan Superstriker Tatsunori Arai is being solicited for his services by Albirex Niigata and .........wait for it......JEF CHIBA ICHIHARA. Before the dings, Arai was the best striker in J2, notching up scores in an inordinate amount. While I'd like to see him don the Orange and Blue of another J1 squad, it would be good for him and Niigata if Albirex wins out. While I'm not seeing the JEF connection, many in Verdyland are pulling for Chiba to sign him so it takes the heat off the Hiramoto bid. Because I don't believe they will bring in both strikers.

Another story floating on the internet superhighway has GK Juunsuke Schnieder headed north to Sendai.

Vegalta is also rumored to pick up 2 players from Botafogo to replace the departing Thiago Nevez and Borges. Lopez has decided to stay, much to the detriment of other J2 squads.

Consadole is also rumored to pick up 2 young Brazilians, pending a physical.....I'll find out more about them later.

So 4th place Sagan is losing players
5th place Vegalta is retooling
6th place Consadole is picking up prospects
7th place Verdy????????


Ultranippon13 (-Keitaro-) said...

I hope Arai goes to JEF and Hiramoto can stay with us :D.

Nick said...

Me too,I think we need to hang on to him if possible.I was surprised he didn`t leave last year when everyone else was jumping ship.Even when he is misfiring,we all know he can turn it on and change a game when he wants to.All teams need a match winner and Hiramoto is the closest we have.He and Silva were were looking like a decent partnership towards the end last year.Hiramoto and Silva as starters,Saito as back up or on for the last half hour,throw a new signing into to the mix be it Hulk or whoever and I think we will be looking good in the striking department.All of the above know where the goal is and if they can get the service,they will do OK.I think there is a good chance Arai will go somewhere be it Jef or somewhere else.Can`t believe Tamano has ended up in J1!! Didn`t do much for us,played for perennial cellar dwellers Tokushima last year and helped them to their becoming traditional last place finish and gets a transfer to J1!! Well done that man!! He must have aced his interview!!

SMB said...

Well fellas, Christmas was a day late! Marcus and Ze Luis as well......of the three Brazilians I would of kept Silva but the other two are decent......Hagimura is around for another painful year.........$#@%@!