Saturday, December 16, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Hiramoto getting offers from Chiba

Well, it looks like Verdy might be feeling the effects of losing Tadashi Karai to JEF Chiba after all. The team from Fukuari has put in official papers in order to negotiate with the mercurial striker

One of the things lacking in Chibas chemistry last year was a creative attacker who could team with Seichiro Maki in order to create consistent scoring opportunities. Hiramoto is half that......very creative, rarely consistent. Billed as the man who would take over the mantle of Kazu, the loss of Hiramoto would provide another blow to a franchise who has been rudderless since they tasted victory on a crisp January night in 2005.

But we all knew it was coming.

Urawa and Nagoya were also in play for the services of Prince Kazuki and still might have a say in where he goes.


Reported first by Ultranippon in the comments section, Tokyo Verdy has made a formal to pick up 33 year old former national team midfielder Toshihiro Hattori from Jubilo Iwata.

The Jubilo man played in 29 games for Shizuoka's most famous squad, helping them along to a 5th place finish. The move would help Verdy reinforce the left side of the line.



Kyoto resigned super-striker Paulinho in a bit of a coup. The lanky Brazilian probably had interest from numerous J1 teams after the dramatic fall of last years J2 champs in their brief foray into the upper levels. Paulinho automatically rises to number 1 threat in the second division.


Nick said...

I REALLY hope he doesn`t go.....Im guessing he will though if he gets the chance.Any chance of some Steve Bull-esque loyalty???!!! Legend who played for my team in England who never left even though he had offers from much bigger and better teams....probably the only bloke ever to play for England when still playing in the domestic Third Division.Also was part of our 1990 World Cup squad though unfortunately didn`t get on the field.Guaranteed to never have to pay for a drink in Wolverhampton for the rest of his days!!

Ultranippon13 (-Keitaro-) said...

Me too... I hope Hiramoto doesn't go!

So, I see Hattori played a lot of matches with Júbilo, that's good! He is a good defender :D.