Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Verdy pursues three

The offer for Hattori was just the beginning according to Sponichi Annex as now Verdy has their sights set on former national team midfielder and Hattori's Jubilo squadmate Hiroshi Nanami and former Verdy man and current Omiya Ardija central defender Yukio Tsuchiya in another attempt for Verdy to go for the quick fix instead of developing.

What I could glean from this is Verdy wasn't satisfied with the youth movement so instead they are bringing in seasoned vets to shore up the squad. I think it's a big step backwards. All the teams that were promoted had good YOUNG cores accentuated with veterans for leadership. 48 game seasons wear on players in their prime, can you imagne what's gonna happen to a team of 30 somethings? And it's curious to see guys who are starting members of first division squads taking a step down so they can play in front of 4000 people on Wednesdays in the middle of summer.

I don't get it.


Aaron said...

Hands off Yukio! Our skinheaded defender is much better off in Saitama!

Ultranippon13 (-Keitaro-) said...

I don't like that Verdy buy old players instead of giving oportunities for playing to young players, but Hattori and Tsuchiya were played a lot of matches in J1, I think they would make the team more solid.

At the first stage of the last season Verdy was too young and we lost a lot of matches for the inexperience of some players and the low quality of others (mmm such as Dedimar, Yanagisawa, Anailson, Hagimura, the old Basilio).

Moreover, in my opinion, Verdy has bought young and good players too as Sonoda, Shibasaki, Inoue and Miyasaki and promoted Osama and Killoran.

SMB said...

Well, Rui burned through the young guys at a rapid pace.....the old guys he stuck with muuuuuuuuuch to put it on the young guys is a bit unfair by him. Kuba got a small run but Kina kept getting cycled in. Hagimura was in until the team pretty much lost all chance of promotion, Ichiyanagi didn't get much run. Nejime was thrown over the side but Ono is retained. And the new guys aren't anywhere near ready to contribute yet.

Even if Verdy gets promoted they won't be in any shape to stay if their core is all over long does Marcus have left? Who's under 25 and a strong member of the core group? Togawa? Is that it?

Old is fine in a few key places but if you look at the teams that gained promotion this year they all had a good young core. Verdy doesn't have that and they need to develop it.

Ultranippon13 (-Keitaro-) said...

Maybe Ramos will use some youngs, I won't know it until next season's beggining!

I think he will use some young, so why he bought them?