Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hiramoto gets "Propositioned" by Sato of Chiba

Well it looks like the recruiting has begun amongst the Chiba as Yuto Sato has been calling his former Athens Olympics teammate


Allright fair enough.........now check out the babelfish translation of said article

Isamu Chiba Sato Isao MF Sato love call Chiba (24) on the 19th, the Chiba older sister with the promontory ground, sent the love call to FW Hiramoto of Tokyo V to which club has put out offer in Tokyo V Hiramoto. It is intimate with the same grade, via lodging together and the like of the Athenian Olympic typical candidacy "(mischievous) character has been similar", that the relation which feels the same smell. "As for the person those which it has (ability) it is. It is the type which is not inside. It tries "communicating. It comes, season Sato? Perhaps Hiramoto's hot line is born,

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.....talk about losing something in the translation! Older sister? intimate? Love call? feels the same smell? WTF?

Maybe the new theme of Chiba could be "soccer practice"

Haven't seen "soccer practice" ?


I'm just gonna apologize to everybody now.....Gay or Straight

Worst post ever!

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