Sunday, December 31, 2006


Here's wishing everyone all over the World a happy and peaceful New Year! I give you this photo as a small token of my appreciation for you.........the readers.

Now on to the first post of 2007!!!!!!!

Tomisawa is back but Nagano and Ishikawa are out

Seitaro Tomisawa reupped his contract today, adding depth to the midfield and defense. Having suffered through an injury plagued 2006, Tomisawa hopes to recover and have a more successful 2007.

Two other defenders, Tatsuya Ishikawa and Satoshi Nagano, are heading back to their clubs. Both were on time-limit rentals that expired yesterday. While Ishikawa heads up to J1 to try and impress Kashimas new boss, Nagano goes off to help Pierre Littbarski get Avispa Fukuoka back to J1.

Cheers!Verdy! also had an interesting little rumor about Gilmar Silva Santos possibly joining Yokohama FC next season. Disappointed to see him go if it's true. Ironically, the first time I saw him play was against Yokohama FC and I loved the effort out of the kid. He went for a loose ball that 99% of the forwards in the league would just give up on and got to it and almost created something.

Nanami won't be announced until the new year starts. We probably won't know about Hulk or Tsuzuki or any other transfers for a few days.

Soilent Greens 2007 Resolutions

1. I will try to keep the news on the site as current as possible. That includes game reports in a timely fashion.

2. I'll try to respond to every comment.

3. I will find a way to get Verdy games on TV so I can be more in-depth on my reports.

4. I'll study Japanese or marry someone that can read Japanese so I can better understand the articles and rumors. Way my luck is going with the ladies............I think I better study!

5. I'll try and get to one sattelite game a month so I can give you reports on practice.

6. I will attempt ot get an interview with an actual person playing for watch out Eugene!

7. I will welcome any comments, criticism, or suggestions to make this site more reader friendly.

8. I will try and give you more sources for J League news in English (or Spanish). Especially news about Verdy.

I think that's about it!

Happy New Year!


Ultranippon (-Keitaro-) said...

Happy new year friends of SG1969!

Good luck with your blog Steve! I'm sad because Silva won't be in the squad next season, I think he can be a good player in J1, he is speed and scores a lot of goals. Good luck in the Yokohama FC Silva!

Please I would like to know when Hulk will sign up!!!

orange said...

Hi steve. Happy New Year from OrangeBlue.
I launched english wiki page for Albirex.
Please check Balcom article from the link below.
Sorry for too too late reply.
My new year resolution also is to keep updating my blog.

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