Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Big Signing day

Verdy finally got the striker they wanted today. That's right Meiji Universities own Kyohei Hayashi signed with the squad for next year. Hayashi was a product of the Verdy youth system and made the Kanto league best 11 team. Good signing for the future.

Kawano becomes a man

Actually, he becomes a better paid man, qualifying for his A contract after accruing enough minutes to be a full fledged J leaguer. Nice job!

Weekly Soccer Digest name 3 to the weeks worst 11

Leandro, Daisuke Nasu, and Tomo Sugawara all found themselves in the wheezing 11. I would have found a place for Hulk too but they seem to be nicer.

Oguro thoughts

If the reports from Sponichi are to be believed, Verdy signed Oguro to a 3 year, 700,000,000 yen deal. http://sports.yahoo.co.jp/news/20080701-00000025-spn-spo.html

Maybe it's a tad high, but they did get a proven goalscorer in J league competition, albeit 2005 J league competition. And one wonders what 2 years of frustration and inaction has done to the big mans psyche.

A more perplexing pattern is that of Verdy's blast to the past of signing big name stars of yesteryear whether or not they fit into the team mold. Hattori, Doi, Fukunishi......former National teamers who have seen better days. Now Oguro. If it works, it will be a sight to see......if it doesn't, well 2005 comes to mind. And not in a good Gamba way but a bad Ossie Ardilles 7-0 way. Where's Kazuyuki Toda when you need him?

OH YEAH.....

That was Toda huffing and puffing in bright yellow for JEF Chiba the other day. Toda is quickly becoming Exotic Terminater 2.0, helping to see another squad down to relegation land. Granted, they were bad before he came around but 50 minutes of uninspired chugging against a 10 man Gas Attack didn't dispell any notions about the sell-by date of this old hash.

Yokohama FC, the next stop?

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Anonymous said...

Leandro has sucked (hairy) eggs all season, Nasu has been decent for the most part i think and Sugawara is no more than average on his best day anyway.
Oguro could go either way, but its good that we have a further option up front. Kowano needs to start, send Leandro back where he came from!! Maybe Hirashitani is persevering with Leandro because he paid the money and doesn`t want to admit that he`s crap.
It was good to see Hiramoto running about at the weekend. Seems like he has slimmed down and with his new "sports cut" looks well up for it and also not unlike the guy with the crew cut from "Downtown". Hopefully, the competition from Oguro will give Hulk the kick up the backside he needs. I saw what you mean about Hattori being "layed out" by Leandro. My daughter could have stayed on her feet after that shove. Embarrassing is being polite....
Also one further thing that was missed from the rant/report......ANOTHER GOD DAMNED ROCKING THE BABY CELEBRATION!!!!!!! MUPPETS!!! DO THEY NOT READ THIS COLUMN OR WHAT!!!