Saturday, July 12, 2008

The effort was there

But unfortunately for Verdy, the finishing was not. After a tumultuos week in which the non-Brazilian members had a meeting with management and Leandro and Hulk were given belated fines for not showing up to training on time, Verdy faced off against fellow strugglers Kyoto Sanga in a game to get some much needed points. Playing in a more traditional spread 4-4-2, Verdy took the field with Leandro and Kawano playing wide. The difference was evident as a much faster Verdy side controlled play for large stretches of play.

29 shots between the two clubs only produced one goal however as Fernandinho hit a streaking Atsushi Yanagisawa who caused the ever increasingly innefective Toshihiro Hattori to fall on his posterior and struck for an easy goal.

The second half saw the debut of Masashi Oguro, who had one nice cross to a hesitant Hulk who was a bit slow in striking.

Overall not a bad effort, especially from the two young mids Kawano and Shibasaki and erstwhile forwards Hiramoto and Leandro.

Clown moment of the game came when Kyoto defender Tatsuya Masushima, taking a note out of the Hattori school of acting dropped like a rock when brushed by Hulk in the box.


Next up for Verdy is a short trip down the Musashino line to Urawa and the Red stench of Saitama. This game has an interesting undercurrent as Yukio Tsuchiya faces up against the man who he put out of action for a year with an erstwhile tackle. Tsuchiya didn't face the Reds when Tanaka came back, having been pulled out with injury. A story floating around Omiya is that Tsuchiya left for Verdy because of increasing harassment of himself and his family during his one year stint in orange so I imagine the atmosphere will be a little tense.

During the weekend, Verdy comes home to face Kashiwa in a biannual bludgeoning by the yellow thugs of Chiba prefeture. Good news though, the 20th will be An-pan-man day so when Kashiwa is putting up their 5th goal against can at least be happy with the fact that you got a free An-pan-man file folder or whatever the hell they are going to foist upon the unsuspecting fans at this seedy affair.


Urawa 30%
Kashiwa 10%


Anonymous said...

Just watched the tape...I thought we huffed and puffed a lot without much final product. From what I saw the Sanga keeper made ONE good save from Hulk (from Oguros cross as mentioned in your report) and had a couple of scuffles with Hiramoto on crosses but aside from that didn`t have much to do. I thought the distribution from the middle was pretty awful today. Time and time again the final ball went nowhere. Some of it was due to a good defensive display from Kyoto I thought.
I also think Hulk is definately being found out this season, last year he ripped it up because the level of competition was a notch lower. This season, he hasn`t got it all his own way and his petulance is the result. He is picking up silly bookings nearly every week and its gonna cost us. Fernandinho looked like a good (and at the same time terrible!!) buy for Kyoto, he is SO tricky but lucky for us he fluffed his lines twice and hit the post when it would have been easier to I said today he missed two sitters but on any other day he would have buried them Im pretty sure. Urawa away and Kashiwa at home.....well Im a sucker for punsishment and will be attending the Kashiwa slugfest. 5-0 in a torrential downpour last time out standing with no roof, so a 5-0 loss with a roof and a seat will do me fine!!
Work forbids going to Saitama to see us THRASH Urawa and have all Urawa fans everywhere bow down in subserviance to the mighty Green Machine!!
Next Thursday night is when the table leg shaggers of J1, climb on the table, steal the sirloin steak from the silver platter and are last seen leaping out of the window to oblivion!! Urawa- who
`re ya!! EASY!! EASY!! In a Big Daddy-esque fashion.
For those unfamiliar with "a Big Daddy-esque fashion", look up "Shirley Crabtree" in Google and it will enlighten you...

Anonymous said...

The plan was fine, got on the table, stole the steak, snuck off the table, dashed to the window and leapt like a prancing lord only to become firmly splattered on the window like a spring sparrow with a broken beak....
Never mind, onwards and upwards!!
Godamn Tulio, great big lump that he is. Badge kissing, chest pounding, on his knees saluting the heavens,dear oh dear.... at least there was no baby rocking!!Crap defending for 2 of the three goals and a dodgy penalty for the other!! You jst knew exactly where the goals were coming from but nobody seemed to pick up the big git or he justed swatted them aside like flies.Then again when you haven`t got the ball for 90 minutes you are gonna make mistakes. Seriously, when was the last time Verdy beat Urawa?? Not that I can remember!!
A case of being beaten by a team superior in all departments im afraid. Obviously apart from the inbreeding, dog scuttling and 11 finger supporters categories....