Friday, July 18, 2008


It finally hit the fan last night. Today reports out of Verdy camp are that Hulk has gone home to Brazil and has played his last game in the green of Tokyo.
News stories
It seems as though Hulk got upset at being taken out of the game and pulled away from Hashiratani after he tried to say good job, showing up his coach in the process.
After the game, the meeting between Hashiratani, Kato (the technical director), Team President Hagiwara and Constantine Teo (Hulk, Leandro, and Diego's representative) took place and it was agreed that Hulk would be finished as a Verdy player. Talks have been ongoing for the services of Hulk between Verdy and numerous clubs including Paris SG, who have reportedly put up a 4 million Euro bid (6.7 oku yen). Considering the team bought him for 5oku, you seriously have to consider it, especially since he has made himself known as poison to two clubs now.
While the big striker was contributing at a decent rate (7 goals in 11 games) and opening up chances for other players, his antics were starting to wear down the fabric of Verdy as a team. 90 minute Japanese only meetings, not showing up to practice, putting in petulant and substandard performances against Omiya and Kyoto. It came to the point where either Hashiratani had to go and numerous players who couldn't get along with Hulk or Hulk had to be severed from the squad. Hulk was the choice.
Now it appears that Verdy will have to find a player who can fill the void. Oguro is not the same type of player.....think more of a Washington type of ball hawk. Hiramoto can be, but doesn't show the desire to score on a consistent basis like Hulk. There's also a possibility of a new foreign player coming in during the transfer window......probably Brazilian and not half as good.
So now the team finds itself in 14th place, a collection of stars from yesteryear and youngsters not yet ready for primetime. Where will the goals come from? Who will be the catalyst? No one knows for sure, but this team is now going to have to actually be a team to win and not a collection of one fantastic talent and 10 hangers on.
Oh yeah.....3-2 Urawa on a hat trick by the douchebag.


Anonymous said...

Well its gonna take a hell of an effort to stay up now...then again Sanga lost their main man in Paulinho and have gone from strength to strength. I can`t help feeling we are gonna struggle, massively without the big lad. We struggled with him too though. Hopefully Hiramoto can step up to the plate.Though he is nowhere near the player Hulk is he has it in him to be REALLY good on ocassion and he has looked a lot hungrier than earleir in the season even though he hasnt scored. So, Oguro and Hiramoto up top see how we go!! as ive said before, its never boring travelling on the good ship Green!!
As an afterthought, I wonder if Hirashitani et al knew they were gonna get rid/be got rid of soon?? Hence Oguros arrival. If so, good planning. Lets see what happens starting this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Actually Im gonna take me boots down, stick a top on, do a couple of sprints with the subs up the touchline and see if Hirashitani will take a chance on an unproven, unknown forward with a "sports cut". I will also be sure to do a "Tonya Harding" on Funakoshi if there is any sign of him warming up.