Monday, June 30, 2008

Help is on the way?

Sponichi Annex is reporting that former NT player and goal leader of Gamba's incredible championship run is possibly ready to make up his mind about his next team.

It could happen tonight according to the article and Verdy is the likely destination

Everything goes well and Oguro could be suited up for July games.

How I'd use him

Hulk Oguro


Kawano Leandro

Fukunishi Sugawara

Hattori Nasu Tsuchiya


Almost a 5-5 and speed is finally on the wings. The middle is a bit slow but there's coverage.

Good signing and maybe you even think about jettisoning Leandro for a good strong foreign presence in the back or Ze Luis except talented and skilled.

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UltraVerdy said...

Done. Oguro is green.