Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Soilent Green will be closing it's doors for 2 and a half weeks because I will be in California. I might get bored and write but don't count on it too much

Anyhow, have a good summer and go USA U-23s!


UltraVerdy said...

Happy Holidays Steve ;-)

Ultranippon said...

See you later Steve!

I hope you will have a happy holidays.

Nick said...

Well it was a hot and sweaty evening tonight at Chofu!! The heat was in the Verdy forward line and the sweat was probably in the Niigata dug out!! (Technical area?? what the hell is that about...)
Anyhow, 3 points in the bag 4 goals in the net and 5 million Euros in the coffers from the sale of some Brazillian guy. I can`t overstate the performance today, ok Niigata aren`t exactly Brazil but you can only ANNIHILATE what is put in front of you!! Iio was on fire tonight, his partnership with Hiramoto came up big time. He scored two himself and Fukunishi scored from Iio`s shot which the keeper could only parry.
First one came on a quick twist and shot from a corner, number two was a double 1-2 featuring a midair backheel from Hiramoto!! Superb. Number three was Hiramoto at his best and the one of the best goals Ive seen him score, he outmuscled the Niigata defender on the edge of the box then beat FIVE yes FIVE, just once more FIVE men before cooly lifting the ball over the advancing keeper. Ive said before and ill say it again, on his day he is as good as anyone in the league. If he could be more consistent, Takada would definately come knocking.Maybe being given the responsibility now Hulk has gone has pumped him up. Superb performance and a job well done all round. Hot sweaty summer nights at Ajinomoto with a 4-0 is Gold.

Yorkshire Verdy said...

Thanks Nick!

Steve, you should vacation more often.. :)

UltraVerdy said...

Hello Boys in Green !

Just saw the game.
Huge performance by the Green Army.
4 nil enough said.
11th place, solid in the standings.
C'mon u Vultures.
Next step is Kashima.

Yorkshire Verdy said...

Anyone going to Kashima, is it an easy ground to get to from Tokyo?

Anonymous said...

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