Friday, July 04, 2008

Kappa Derby part deux-Chiba time

The mighty men of green come home after a dismal performance against the little squirrels of Omiya to face a bottom sitting but newly resurgent JEF Chiba squad. Since new man Alex Miller has taken over the wheel, the Chibains (Chibese? Chibish? ) have been undefeated. However Nagoya took the first leg 1-0 on an early goal by Norwegian striker Frode Jonsen.

Recent rumblings from Hashiratani have pointed to the fact that the once solid pencling in of DHL is now not so certain. New signing Masashi Oguro and benchers Kaz Iio and Kazuki Hiramoto could possibly see some time as starters in future contests. Oguro has been ruled out for today's match and will make his debut against Kyoto on the 12th.

Yahoo has the same lineup as last weeks game against Omiya going for Verdy.

A loss could see the squad back in the uncomfortable position of relegation playoff with a tiny bit of breathing room from the bottom. A win could push the squad back up in the top 10.

If you haven't been paying attention, the mighty Thespans of Kusatsu have jumped up to a solid 5th in J2. A win today, combined with a loss or tie by Vegalta and Cerezo would see the 3rd year J2 squad reach the unbelievable heights of promotion playoff. Seriously unbelievable and I think probably illegal.......somebody better get some white cups and plenty of liquids cause the J league is gonna need a sample.
Seriously, can't you picture random boy band starring in a story about a little team who works in a hot spring during the day and plays their hearts out at night for the chance to be in J1. Then they go to ASIA and face off against random rich Middle East team and finally they play Manchester United and become Champions of the world......TV drama with some insufferable SMAP guy as coach and freaky foreign talent as well. Maybe they can call it SPABOYS or something dumb like that.


UltraVerdy said...

VERDY 3-0 Jef Utd
Great second half, Hulk & Diego & K Shibasaki.
20 pts, back in mid table. Good stuff.
Next stop: Sanga at home, 2 wins in a row ?

Anonymous said...

JEF are J2 or Im a clog wearing reefer toking,orange loving,dodgy porn making Dutchman. They were awful, Hulk with a dinger from MILES out, Shibasaki with one where he slipped as he was shooting and turned a potentially crap shot into a steamer (as in good, not the Cleveland variety) and Diego with a decent turn and shot. 3-0, we weren`t great and defensively we were still awful but JEF were a dogs arse going forward, luckily for us. 15th place is ours I tell you OURS!!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Well, Thespa Kusatsu in the ACL would be much more palatable than Funabashi Municipal High School would have been.