Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Emperor's Cup schedule is out!!!!!!!!!!!

Woohoo!!!!!!! Big news! My favorite competition in Japan put out their schedule and Verdy has a home game......at Nishigaoka!!!!!! Hooray! I won't be going though because Omiya actually has a game in Saitama this year.

The game will be either on the 2nd or 3rd of November and it will match the winner of the game between random prefectural squad from Tochigi or Chiba or Aomori or some such place and last year's surprise Emperor's cup runner up and defending Xerox Cup champion Sanfrecce Hiroshima. If they are able to advance, they would face the winner of the Kawasaki Frontale/Montedio Yamagata-unnamed prefecture winner in the lovely confines of.......NAGASAKI. I won't be going to that because it's Nagasaki and I don't have the money.
DHL offense done..........new nickname?
With the demise of the Diego, Hulk, and Leandro power trio, I was wondering what the label of the new offense should be. Diego.......Oguro..........Hiramoto...............Yeah, I'm coming up with a blank.
Bare off to the UAE?
Gamba Osaka super striker Bare is rumored to be on his way to the lovely confines of the United Arab Emirates and Al Ahari for the ridiculous sum of 10oku en (1,000,000,000 yen). Sports Hochi has the ridiculous report that Gamba is now looking to acquire Shimzu flop Marcus Aurelio to replace the big striker. You're getting 1 billion yen, can't you aim for something higher like, I dunno, Horvy maybe? How about RickHicki? He has as many goals in his career as Aurelio.
Here's a good idea......instead of trying to cherry pick players from other squads, why don't you take some of that cash and invest in a scouting system so you can bring in good players yourself. I know a certain unnamed journalist thought that this plan was just supercool but it's not.
Ahh ya little scamp
Remember when one of the old English National teamers picked up a cheap yellow because he was close to getting the limit and wanted to get it out of the way while he was gone with the National Team and then got hurt and missed a chunk of the season (Was that Beckham? Am I just making this story up in my head ?) Well, Oita kiddie keeper Shusaku Nishikawa decided to do just that because he was one yellow away from losing a game due to suspension. How does a goalkeeper pick up 4 yellows in half a season is beyond me but that's for another time. Anyway, we know he did it on purpose because the precocious little lad told everyone he did it on his blog (dedicated to his secret dream of being a member of HEY!SAY!!JUMP!!! judging by his girlish little photo. )
Anyhow Nishi, karma is a Rosie O'Donnell sized beyotch and I'm afraid you my friend are going to have to pay the tab at the door. Not for doing it..........that's actually a pretty smart move in my opinion......but for blabbing about it on your myspace page.

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