Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oguro's going camping!!!!!!!

Masashi Oguro got an invite to play with the big boys in National team training camp on the 28th of this month. Oguro was a member of the doomed group that went to Germany and stunk.

Anyhow, I'm not real excited about this camp because you could literally make a starting 11 out of guys from the bottom of the table and top of J2. At least there won't be any Seichiro Maki this weekend, but rest assured he will manage to squeeze his untalented and thouroughly overrated arse into a starting spot come qualifiers even though Alex miller doesn't seem to think too highly of the 4okuen man.

Nice job and enjoy the s'mores!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Portugal! I don`t know if you allready have this big new in Portugal but some newspapers said that "your" HULK is the new player of FC Porto. Can you help all the portuguese futebol fans describing this player? Thank you and good luck for your team

SMB said...

Sure, Hulk is a very strong and athletic young player who can hold the ball in traffic, create for other players, and drill pinpoint free kicks and corners. His bad points are he puts up lots of errant shots and he tends to fall down very easy for a strong guy. Lately he is more interested in trying to get calls and fouls instead of fighting thorugh it and scoring or creating. Great talent, bad attitude but he's only 21 and maybe having bigger stars around will get him to grow up

Good luck with him if he does sign, I think Porto is a good fit because of the language commonality and the style.

Andreamynj said...

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