Friday, July 11, 2008

Look in the mirror

Can anybody tell me what the difference is between Verdy and today's guest Kyoto? It is like looking in the mirror in alot of ways. Both teams came up from the depths of J2 to return to top level soccer. Both have brought in big names from the past and present to bolster their squads. Kyoto with Sidiclei, Sato, Fernandinho, Mizumoto, and Yanagisawa. Verdy with Tsuchiya, Doi, Fukunishi, Hulk, and now Oguro. Both have had Rui Ramos and Kazu Miura gracing us with their presence in green and purple. Both have had to watch Harutaka Ono stumble around for 9o minutes. And both have been led by a Hashiratani.

Today sees two teams with high expectations and lower results. Verdy is coming off one of their better performances with a 3-0 dismantling of bottom barrel JEF Chiba while Sanga returns after a 1-1 tie to Oita. Seemingly every game this year is a must-win for positioning and both teams look to get a win to distance themselves from relegation.

All reports are that Masashi Oguro will make some of apperance in today's contest. Questions remain about the fitness and confidence level of the former goal king. I imagine he won't be in the best shape, but getting on the field probably is the most important thing today.



DF Tomisawa-Tsuchiya-Nasu-Hattori

DM Sugawara

Wings Fukunishi Shibasaki

OM Leandro

FW Hulk Hiramoto

(Yahoo has said Oguro, El Golazo calls it for Hiramoto. I'm gonna say he comes in early second half for the emotional lift)


1. Shut down Fernandinho early
2. Run-run-run
3. Control the midfield

VERDY signs another for the future

Meiji University midfielder Masato Fujita is the second commitment for 2009. That is all

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