Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Morning after the morning after

Well Verdy won 2-1 after a couple of tense moments and a dodgy PK call by Iemoto. Hiramoto worked the Hulk position to perfection though, assisting on one goal and getting the call on the other.

Seriously though, 3 overturned goals and 1 iffy PK in the two games since VERY Special Referee Iemoto has come back. What a twat.

Anyhow Nick has provided us with another stellar PBP

Here it is

Well I thought the game was great, all action, woodwork rattled aplenty at both ends, a noisy crowd and 3 points in the bag. The whole approach was different from the word go, the previous tactic of "feed Hulk let him go with it and see what happens" was obviously not the plan on yesterday. I thought we showed that we can play a little yesterday. We moved it around well had lots of options going forward and could have scored more. Standouts for me were Hiramoto, Diego and Oguro. All played very well and all 3 involved in both goals. Superb.At the same time though we were a crossbar away from turning 3 points into 1 deep into second half injury time, with a curling free kick from just outside the box beating Doi in about five different ways!! Anyhow, it came back off the bar and was bundled in by Lee (who was a pain for our defence all night by the way).The ref blew for high feet and a bit of wrestling by the erstwhile striker.To be fair to the ref he blew BEFORE the ball was in the net and tv replays show that there was a push and his feet were high. However, I wouldnt have been up in arms if the goal was allowed to stand. 50-50 call which went our way. No comfort to the Reysol support behind the goal though. I hope the ref doesnt live anywhere near Kashiwa thats for sure!! Well what the heck is going on with Hulk then?? There has been no official word from the club that he has gone and the website is reporting on the birth of Hulks first kid, hence him going back to Brazil. The kids new name??? Youve guessed it "Ian". Hows that for a traditional South American name?? Unless his wifes Welsh and loves Ian Rush or something.... the plot thickens, or doesn`t as the case may be.

Nice work as always Nick. And a good win for Verdy. Next up is Jubilo Iwata who might be without their keeper and Captain Kawaguchi.

Reserve Action AHOY

DF吉武 Yoshitake
、飯田 Iida
、新村 Shinmura
、足助 Ashikage
、萩村 Hagimura
、福田 Fukuda
、廣山 Hiroyama
、河野 Kawano
オサマ Osama
飯尾 Iio
。リザーブ GK鈴木 Suzuki、DF八塚 Hatsuka(ユース)、大木Ooki(ユース)、MF三竿(ユース)、FW井上 Inoue。

Goals were scored in the 66th minute by Kaz Iio and the 87th by Taira Inoue after Verdy had gone down 1-0 at the half

Box score here


Let me backtrack a little. As of today, there has been no official word on Hulk's status as a player for Verdy. All the news I have reported on the subject has been pieced together using Japanese wire services, rumors from other boards and my opinion. While I do believe that we have seen the last of Hulk in green given his lackluster play, recent antics, and events over the past couple of weeks, it is still possible he could turn up next month wearing green and acting like a spoiled child. I think the PSG bid has legs and if I had to bet, I would put my money on that, but Ken Matsushima rightly pointed out on his message board that there has been no official word on the transfer of Hulk to France, Portugal or any other destination. As of this moment he is still a member of Verdy.

Also to make it clear, I have about as much inside knowledge of Verdy as anyone else.....which is to say, none. All of my posts are opinion unless sourced so there you go.

Sorry if I have been misleading.


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