Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's been awhile

Sorry...bad back and a nasty cold put me out of action for over a week

Tsuyoshi Yoshitake got injured in the inagural sattelite game against Venforet Kofu and is out for 6 months. The good news is Kaz Iio scored so I'm sure he has pole vaulted back up to 3rd striker......UGGGH

Takuya Yamada is on trial at Yokohama FC...if he signs, it will be the third team that he helps go down to relegation in three years.

3-5-2= 3-0-0 Who would've thought that the system that caused so much disaster in 2005 would resuscitate the ambitions of this year's squad. It takes a brave man to rejigger his whole system in the middle of the season. Kudos to Rui Ramos.
Highlight vs Tokushima
Highlight vs Avispa
Highlight vs Shonan


Ultranippon said...

Its nice to see you again Steve!

What bad luck the injury of Yoshitake... now the boy was playing so good (scored an important goal against Shonan):(

See you!

UltraVerdy said...

Bad news for Yoshitake...
Tomorow we take on Ehime for the 4th straight victory! Come on Verdy!

SMB said...

So, are you two brothers?

Just kidding. Bring on the ultras!

UV whereabouts are you from?

UltraVerdy said...

Hi Steve. I'm from France. I've been a huge fan since 1995. You make a great job for this blog.
Verdy 4ever! I really hope we can be back in J1 at the end of this season!
ps:Hello Ultranippon too ;-)

Ultranippon said...

Hahaha Steve, we aren't brothers xD

Ultraverdy hi!! I read you at Nippon-Ganbare (very good site althoug I don't understand French xD!), I'm from futboljapones, nice to meet you!!

Yeah! of course we can return to J1, we have talented players and now Ramos seems to find the perfect playing sistem called 3-5-2. If the injuries respect Hulk there is no reason to be negative.

Vamos Verdy! :D

Bring on the verdistas of all the world! ;)

UltraVerdy said...

Ok Ultranippon, nice to meet you too!
Your blog is okay, and futboljapones (yosikese?) is a good forum, even if my spanish is not ok...
It's me, Eric.Ultraverdy from Nippon-Ganbare, a really cool site, with a lot of fans from France.
It's amazing to talk with people all over the world ;-)
3-5-2 looks a great system, and tomorow we must win 4th straight over Ehime! We believe. Verdy in J1, this is our place!
Ultra-connexion! ;-)
Come on Verdy!


Just watched the game.The most one sided game ever!! 976 shots/chances for Verdy,hit the woodwork three times,a number of decent saves,last ditch tackles and 3 points gone astray.2 shots for Ehime they scored 1 (a cracker too unfortunately...)and lashed one over the bar.A good display but the points went the wrong way....definate case of the gods were aganist us.On any other day it would have been 20-1(or maybe 2!!)

Nick said...

Can I join the Ultragang??!! :))

SMB said...

No kidding......the only shot I didn't see was the goal

I blame Kaz Iio......seriously

Vendo Thefastlane said...

It seems that Ehime and Tosu played the same role in their respected roles today... :(

I was REALLY pulling for Tokyo today. Now Mito is THREE wins out of the bottom of the pack...

Ultranippon said...

Bad luck for Verdy but the most important is the team is playing good!

Ultraverdy, the forum was called yosikese but the name was changed to futboljapones. Although I miss a lot yosikese forum hahaha.

See you!