Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday J League!

14 years ago today Kawasaki Verdy and Yokohama Marinos took the field to kick off what would become a new national phenomenon. Included in that opening lineup was current Verdy manager Rui Ramos, former Cerezo head man Satoshi Tsunami (who notched the first yellow card in J League history, Head Coash Tetsuji Hashiratani, and current Verdy sub Hideki Nagai.

19 minutes in, Brazilian import Mayer would notch the first goal in Verdy and J League history. Unfortunately, the squad would fall 2-1.
Happy Birthday to the J League and the birth of the New Yomiuri club

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Ultranippon said...

That's why Verdy is more than a club, is one of the most representative team of the Japanese football.

Maybe Verdy won't go to J1 this season or never but I will go with Verdy because Verdy is in my heart and I always support the team!

With this history why we shouldn't be proud of Verdy¿ OK... I know Verdy is in J2 and its crowd is little but the most important are titles, history, to have a beautiful play style and a lot of legends such as Miura, Yonashiro, Hashiratani, Ramos, Bismarck, Nakazawa, Kitazawa and a lot of players more!

Some teams as our neighbors the gasmen will need almost 10 years for winning the titles what have won Verdy :)

Come on Verdy!! Vamos Verdy!

See you!