Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why should Verdy care about this man?

Who is this man, first of all? Let me answer that.....his name is Levir Culpi and he currently coaches Atletico Minero. Sports Hochi is all over the story that Culpi has met with the club in Osaka and will become manager after the Brazil State Championships finish at the end of the month. Culpi managed Cerezo 10 years ago and led the squad to a less than inspiring 11th place finish (11th Suntory, 8th Nicos for an overall 11th place finish)

Two questions come to mind. One, why are you firing a coach after only 12 games? After the initial 3 game stumble, the team has turned it around to grab a respectable 15 points in 9 games. Considering the team is built around very young talent and old retreads, I'm not sure what Cerezo was actually expecting. They were a mid-table level team with mid-table talent and SURPRISE, they are mid-table.

Two, How could this affect Verdy? Well, if Satoshi Tsunami is fired, there is a possibility that he and not Hashiratani takes over as the man in charge. His resume and experience is more extensive than Hashiratani so he seemingly would be a more reasonable choice for a team in turmoil. Was there some cooperation between the Cerezo front office and Verdy in orchestrating a coach swap? Probably not, but it makes you wonder about the timing of Cerezo changing coaches this early in a guys tenure.

At the very least, I expect Tsunami will rejoin the squad in some sort of role if he is actually relieved of duties at Cerezo.

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