Saturday, May 19, 2007

Off Topic: Yokohama FC

I got a chance to see the debut of Kazuki Hiramoto for Yokohama FC yesterday. He looked strong, the decision making wasn't quite there but the runs were decent. A couple of other notable former Verdy men were in attendance. Shingo Nejime made a late appearance for the squad and did nothing. Jun Tamano didn't play. Kazu had a couple of nice dives for free kicks. Omiya man Yoshiyuki Kobayashi had a reasonable game with two shots and quality decision making throughout the game. Daigo and Naoto Sakurai were both out for Omiya. Yokohama FC goalkeeper Takanori Sugeno was competent in goal, unfortunately getting left out to dry on a header off a set piece.

2 shots total for team Kazu.

Today I will see another Kanagawa squad take on Verdy when Shonan hits the pitch. Rumors are circulating that Verdy has been heavily toying with a 3-5-2 formation.

Maybe this?




MF--Ze Luis---------------------------------------------------------Kanazawa---




Ultranippon said...

Verdy won 1-0 with a goal of Yoshitake.

What an important victory! I don't understand Ramos, today he put a 3-5-2, why this change?

Aaron said...

Great double save by the Verdy keeper.