Monday, May 07, 2007

A Tale of Two Managers

One of the former legends of Tokyo Verdy 1969 got the axe today, the other got a repreive. 1 point seperates Cerezo Osaka and Tokyo Verdy in the standings but the clubs are light years apart in terms of how they do things. Satoshi Tsunami got 13 games to turn around a franchise filled with very young talent and old retreads and nothing much in between. By game 3, pressure was mounting to make things happen.
Around game 10 (my speculation) Cerezo was fishing for new coaches. Game 12, they had a guy picked out and game 13 was the perfect time to cast aside a man who has found himself in hard luck situations. Seriously, what a joke Cerezo is......13 games to turn around a franchise who completely showed no heart in getting dumped to J2 and then saw their talent flee to other venues.
Meanwhile, the other legend, Rui Ramos, sitting on an embarrassment of talent riches gets a reprieve from the "braintrust" at CyberAgent. 7 losses in a row brought to a close by a 1 man show. Seriously, do they think that the 1 game is the true Verdy and the month long slump is a mirage?
Granted it was impressive how Hulk dismantled Kyoto, but it seems like the game was a perfume to cover up the smell of the giant green turd Ramos and company have served up during the 2007 campaign.
There's a lesson here somewhere and I imagine it involves cameras and goats but I'm not quite seeing it right now.
But hey Kyoto, thanks for rolling over and completely #@$%ing up the season! Douchebags!

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