Sunday, June 03, 2007


I have decided to take a break from blogging for the month of June.......I will be back on July 1st, hopefully relaxed and refreshed.

Kinda came to this conclusion during the game when I was doing everything but paying attention to what was on the field yesterday.

OH YEAH......I blame Kaz Iio for th loss yesterday.....I don't know why Rui insists on playing the guy after win streaks but he is the biggest jinx I've ever seen.

So look for me on July 1st to blog again.......much apologies, feel free to keep the discussions going though here.


Nick said...

Well a 2-1 win, points in the bag and a great game to watch!! Ramos unsurprisingly stuck with the 3-5-2 and again we did the business!! Verdy were fast out of the blocks and had some good possesion from the outset. A couple of testers for the keeper from Hulk and a ridiculous chest down and shot from Tsuchiya!! Ridiculous for a centre half anyway!! A clearance came out of the Sendai box, Tsuchiya chested the ball down and hit a fantastic top spinning shot from the midfield only for the Sendai keeper to get back and claw it away.The pressure was all on the Sendai end,Hulk had a couple of chances go astray,Fujita (again) was loooking dangerous down the right.Ze Luis re-stored to the starting line up was keeping tabs on the extremely dangerous Lopez and things were going well.We had a lot of pressure but the Sendai back line had dealt with everything quite comfortably. Then after about 35 mins the ball broke loose on the edge of our box, Ze Luis fed Diego at around the centre circle and he had no hesitation in moving it on to the on-rushing Hiroyama who still had a lot to do....he proceeded to race one on one with the Sendai defennder towards the goal,the keeper came out and just as Hulk showed some fantastic finishing against Avispa,it was Hiroyamas turn to show a cool head in front of goal. A race to the goal with the keeper coming out to close down the angles and instead of driving it past the keeper or going round him,Hiroyama played a beautiful flick from the outside of the right boot,from just outside the box into the top corner.The kind of strike only a player with full confidence in himself can pull off.1-0 half time and fully deserved.We were hanging on towards the break and Lopez was VERY threatening with his breaks from the midfield but we mangaed to get to half time in the ascendancy.
Sendai came out with all guns blazing second half and we were pushed back a lot and had to work to keep our lead,Yoshihara again earned his money with a fine reflex save diving to his left from a bullet header from about 10 yards out.At this point we were hanging on by the skin of our teeth.First 15-20 mins of the second half was all Sendai,their travelling ARMY of supporters backing every kick they made.Gradually it evened out and we started to get back into it.The second goal came from a bit of a pinball clearance from the edge of the Sendai box.Hulk lost posession,Ze Luis got a foot in and it fell to Hiroyama on the edge of the box who again showed a very cool head to curl one round the keeper.Great finish again,2 goals today and neither a hit and hope or lucky mistake.2 goals and both precision finishes.I think we finally have 2 forwards!! (Funakoshi didn`t count....not in my book anyway).For the last 15 minutes Sendai threw everything they had at us and they scored with five minutes to go. A screaming drive came in from outside of the box,beat Yoshihara all ways up and smacked down off the bar,Yoshihara got up to try to palm the ball away,but the Sendai forward was too quick and while Verdy were appealing for a foul on the keeper as the resulting header went in,the replay showed that any decision against the goal would have been unjust.2-1,5 minutes to go....nervy moments but we held on and won again!! Well 7 games since the end of the losing streak,won 5,drew 1 and freakishly lost against Ehime. Ramos has officially turned it around in my book.He has changed the system,we are within reach of the top places, we have beaten Sendai and they weren`t THAT good.Things are looking good boys!! If you read the Verdy report on Rising Sun News and were worried about it,don`t be!! THE FUTURES BRIGHT,THE FUTURES GREEN!!Hope someone reads this!!

Ultranippon said...

Nick thank you for this excellent report! :D

I'm very happy to see Ramos found the best way with this 3-5-2. Now the team is pressing more and have more shots on goal :D

Hiroyama made a good work in friendly matches and now he continues scoaring important goals in the J2. He's the better partner of Hulk :D

Nick do you prefer Fujita or Fukuda¿ Since the red card who saw I don't see him!

Vamos Verdy!! we are at only 3 points of the second :)

Anonymous said...

is there nobody talk about the latest game of japan league ? or somebody can post about the injuries or suspend list at this blog

SMB said...

go to the cerezo blog.....he lays it out for gamblers if that's what you're interested in......I'm still on vacation