Tuesday, May 22, 2007

BLOG IN 60 SECONDS: Avispa vs Verdy

Tomorrow is another fabulous midweek rumble, which drives down attendance and seems to bring out the worst in Verdy. Anyhow, the squad plays against Avispa Fukuoka, the team that started the 7 game shame spiral which dented the credibility of Rui Ramos and sent Kazuki Hiramoto on a one way ticket out of Tokyo.

The roles have seemed to reverse however as Fukuoka finds itself in a mini-slump, suffering a bad loss to lower rung Sagan Tosu and collapsing to Kyoto after staking a 2 goal lead at home.

Avispa will be without the services of Kiyokazu Kudo, who is serving a one game suspension and Australian import Alvin Ceccoli, who is banged up.

My guess for tomorrow







Anybody catching the game, please send in a report!


Nick said...

Wow!! what can you say!! The 3-5-2 again and it worked a treat!! I missed first 10 minutes and up to just before halftime Verdy had the better of a seemingly midfield tussle,neither team gave much away until 2 minutes before half time.Hulk had had a standard punt and miss from a previous free kick from the left of the box and when Verdy got another in the same area it was time for a change of plan.(Thank the lord!!)Nanami stepped up and floated an inswinger to the far post which glanced off the noggin of Tomisawa (the faintest of touches!!)and fooled the keeper.1-0 Green!! Further to this although Hulks name only appears next to one of the forthcoming goals,he had a big hand in all 3 of them!! 2-0 came in first half injury time.It was Hulks surge through the middle and sweeping pass that led to Fujita out running his man on the right and delivering a sweeping, grasscutter cross that evaded everyone excect Hiroyama who was lurking at the far post.It must be said that the Avispa defence wasn`t up to much and should have cleared but Im not gonna complain.Nice run,nice cross,nice finish back across from where the keeper was coming from.Textbook.2-0 at half time everyone was happy.
Second half kicked off and Verdy were again doinating proceedings,the boys were on top but Avispa scored a from a set piece free kick at the edge of the box.A routine cross came in,should have been dealt with,wasn`t....2-1
I did start to wonder given the recent form whether a collapse was on the cards but I didnt have to wonder longer than it took to go to the fridge and settle back down.Hulk doesn`t only set up and score our goals,he sets up own goals too!! Another bull-ish run down the left leaving various Fukuokans scattered in his wake and he was free at the edge of the box,he whipped in a great cross for Hiroyama but unfortunately,(for Hiroyama) the Avispa defender standing between them suceeded in getting the ball caught up between his feet and depositing it in the net....3-1!!! At this point any hopes of an Avispa comeback died as Verdy piled on the pressure. Hulk finally got on the score sheet with about 10 minutes to go.Good work from Diego on the left and a nice feed set up Hulk to flick a left footer past the on rushing keeper from about 10 yards out.A great finish which fooled the keeper by the quickness of feet.One touch and a flick the other way when Im sure the keeper would have been expecting Hulk to have tried to go round him.Pure class!!
4-1 game over...until an injury time penalty given away by Tsuchiya and whichever other defender jumped up and sandwiched the Avispa striker.Yoshihara went the right way but the penalty was too sweetly struck by Alex.
Game Over 4-2..good entertainment and what do you say about Ramos now??!! He can`t be a 100 per cent numpty current rating is 99 per cent numpty 1 per cent genius).He has changed the system and come up trumps.3-5-2 again today,lots of chances, defence looked solid again. (I know we werent playing the best in the league but you can only beat whats in front of you!!) Also in the post game interview the reporter was saying how "He`d changed the outlook for the season etc" and Ramos was honest enough to say "It wasn`t him it was the players...blah blah blah"
Overall a great performance and when Avispa came back,we came straight back again which was great to see. Hulk is worth his weight in gold,Fujita was good down the right today,shit even Diego looked dangerous!! He was definately playing more advanced than in previous outings,getting forward more,linking with Hulk very nicely.Stick with this system I say.Its working,we are scoring simple as that.Unbeaten in four games,lets hope the losing streak is out of the system!!
Well done Boys!! Sniff the Green!!

UltraVerdy said...

Great win for us! Great recap Nick. Great blog Steve: Soilent Green Rules! Come on VERDY.

Ultranippon said...

Nice victory!! It seems the new 3-5-2 gives Verdy more punch and I you have the ball and the chances, the rival can't attack a lot and the defense look better.

Nick thanks for this brilliant report!

Vamos Verdy!

Ultranippon said...