Thursday, May 17, 2007

Killoran has left the building

For the second day in a row, Verdy has shed itself of a member of the 2007 dream team. Eugene Killoran, a 19 year old defender was released after appearing in no games in his year tenure. Killoran hasn't appeared in any practice games for the past month so the move was not completely shocking. It looks from his comments on Verdy's main site that he is currently focusing on school. Good luck Eugene and hopefully you can resume your career after college

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Fulvio said...

I am a student in University of South Florida, and as a study program I am going to spend 7 weeks in kyoto. I was born in brazil and i have always been a fan of soccer, Palmeiras specially. I saw some great players from palmeiras playing in Verdy and i really want to watch a game during my time in Japan. Could you please help me find the schedule of games between june 4th and july 24.
Thank you.
fulvio romano