Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pull up a chair and enjoy the show!

GK ----------------------------------Yoshihara-----------------------------------
DF Fukuda----------Tsuchiya---------------------Tomisawa--------------Hattori
MF ----Kanazawa----------------------------------------------------Ze Luis-------
FW -----------------Hulk-------------------------Hiroyama-------------------------
BENCH: Shibasaki-----Hagimuuuuuuuuuura-----Nagai-------Ono-------Funakoshi--
Actually, I think Lil Kim is more of a Reds fan myself
On with the show!


Ultranippon said...

Finally Montedio 1-1 Tokyo Verdy...
I'm a little dissapointed because we scored first (Diego 72') but I think this is a good result because Montedio played at home and is a strong team in his best moment.

In the next 4 matches Verdy should win almost 2 or 3 so come on Verdy!

Steve, Nick do know something about the possibility of seeying Tsunami as new DT of Verdy? Cerezo lost 0-1 so I think Tsunami will be kicked off, don't you think that Nipponbasse?

SMB said...

Ultra.....he got fired last week. I'm not sure if he will come back or see if one of the lower level jobs opens up at Ehime or ????

He could be a cheap replacement at a flagging J1 squad who doesn't care about being relegated and is owned by a phone company and wears orange and is known for being excessively cheap and has no forwards or wing backs to speak of.