Sunday, May 06, 2007


Seriously, I'm speechless. Verdy came out after a putrid effort against Mito Hollyhock and took it to Kyoto Sanga. The fact that Sanga came out a little flat after a huge win against Vegalta Sendai wasn't a shock. They've done it before. The shock was that a team who has been dead in the water could come out and post 4 goals against a fairly decent defensive side.

Could it be a swan song for a lame duck coach? Or a desperate attempt to save the job of a guy who hand picked every one of these players.

The lineup

GK-Yoshihara (Brought in this year)
DF-Fukuda (signed this year)
DF-Tsuchiya (former teammate signed this year)
DF-Tomisawa (brought in last year from Sendai....came back after a disastrous year)
DF-Hattori (brought in this year)
MF-Ze Luis (brought in last year)
MF-Sugawara (brought in last year and resigned after a lackluster year)
MF-Kanazawa (brought in last year and talked into reupping for another loan)
MF-Diego (brought in this year)
MF-Hiroyama (lured back to the team last year)
FW- Hulk (brought in this year)

This was Rui's squad and he was gonna go down swinging with them.

It looked bad at the start, Kyoto FW Andre outmuscled and turned around Hattori for a header to put the Sanga up 1-0. Then the Hulk erupted. Showing the early season flair he lacked during the slump, Hulk struck to even the score. He would add two more and put a shot near goal that Diego would clean up for the eventual 4.

I still can't see the squad continuing with Ramos at the helm. After game comments were limited to game related questions we wait.

It's been awhile since I've been able to say anything nice about a Verdy performance.

No negativity......Good job today.

Here are the highlights courtesy of Tasui 105


ultranippon said...

Nice match¡¡ I m very happy for this 1-4¡ now things look better¡¡ how great is Hulk¡¡ I would like Verdy win 3 or 4 matches of these 5 in order to be near to the 3 firsts.
Diego looked better playing closely to Hulk but I dont know if Ramos used in this match the diamond original simply he put Diego higher... what formation did he use? I read something about that during Ramos conference press, he said also Suga was ok in the defensive side because he could concentrate all his efforts in helping the 4 defenders. umm maybe he used another formation? that would be so great¡¡ vamos VERDY¡¡

ultranippon said...

when i said ¨original simply¨ i liked to write ¨or simply¨ hahaha its difficult to write with my wii

see you¡¡