Saturday, February 17, 2007

Training match 4 pack

OK....starting to get a bit clearer on who is starting opening day

Game 1 Miyasaki Sangyo Keisai University

Lineup Shibasaki

Kaimoto Ichiyanagi Killoran Sonoda

Yoshitake Kanazawa Shibasaki Inoue

Funakoshi Hiroyama

Subs: Yamamoto(trainee), Shinmura, Fukuda

This game was controlled by Verdy from the start
Goals were scored by Hiroyama (5,15) Kaimoto, and Killoran which put them up 4-1 until the hometown unis got two back late


Game 2 Kawasaki Frontale

Lineup Muro

Sugawara Ichiyanagi Killoran Kaimoto

Yamamoto Shibasaki Shinmura Inoue

Hulk Funakoshi

Subs GK Shibasaki, Kanazawa

Strange lineup with Hulk teamed up with alot of the young guys, including an all-rookie midfield against his former squad.

Goals were scored by Kaimoto, Hulk, and Killoran with the trainee (Yamamoto) assisting on 2 goals. Good win against what I'm presuming is a Kawasaki B Team 3-1

Game 3 Avispa Fukuoka

Lineup Yoshihara

Fukuda Togawa Tsuchiya Sonoda

Sato Ze Luis Nagai Diego

Hiroyama Hiramoto

Subs GK Takagi, Kanazawa, Saito

Another strange lineup with more starters teaming up with some youth and backups

Avispa jumped out to a 2 goal lead before Fukuda got fouled in the box and earned a PK. Diego put one in. The second half saw Diego get his second goal with a connection from Hiroyama. Unfortunately, Avispa answered late with a goal from their 17 year old signee Suzuki to seal the deal and send Verdy down to defeat. 3-2 Avispa

Grand Finale Gamba Osaka

Lineup Takagi

Hattori Tsuchiya Togawa Fukuda

Diego Nanami Ze Luis Ono

Hulk Hiramoto

Subs: Sato, Tomisawa, Hiroyama, Kanazawa

Verdy jumped out early with goals by Hulk and Hiramoto (maybe 2 by Hulk?), it looked like an easy day for team green but the former champs came back to notch 2 of their own. Verdy had a lot of chances near the end buit couldn't seem to find the net. 2-2 tie in the finale.

Looking at the Gamba match, I expect it will be this group with Kaimoto in for Fukuda. I also expect to see Yamamoto signed in the near future because by all accounts, it looks like the kid has had a great training camp. A few names that are nowhere to be found are Shigenori Hagimura and Kazunori Iio, who could be hurt or could be on their way out the door to a certain team in the south that wears shocking pink.

There were a couple of other names that popped up and faded out of sight rather quickly. Masaki Saito didn't seem to do much this camp in his limited opportunities. Tsuyoshi Yoshitake didn't seem to get too many opportunities either. And a question the whole free world is curious to know, Where is Osama? El Samni that is! didn't hear a peep out of the youth star.

In addition to Yamamoto, the kids seemed to do really well in Miyasaki. Eugene Killoran is one name that seems to be popping up, in both his roles as defender and midfield. Diego still seems to be out of shape even with his goals. Hulk went crazy (no pun intended) scoring in bunches.

Looks like a very successful camp for Verdy and reason for much optimism.

If Catania plays and nobody is there to see it, did it really happen

Morimotomania is going behind closed doors after an Italian sports judge ruled that the squad must play in neutral venues and without fans.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Sicilian club is set to lose over 13 million dollars (US) from the ban because "fans" killed 38 year old Chief Inspector Fillipo Raciti with a blunt object after ambushing opposing supporters and police officers.;_ylt=AoFc1xtsCDOik7iOpDIRMUomw7YF?slug=ap-italy-stadiumshut&prov=ap&type=lgns


Tokyo Derby.......8 days and counting. Opening day.........T Minus 15 days........J1 debut.....TBA


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