Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let's play 2!

The Big Green hit the field yesterday against the pale pink and blue of Tosu for a couple of friendly matches
Game 1 had a lineup of
Togawa Tsuchiya Hattori Fujita
Diego Ze Luis Nanami Hiroyama
Hiramoto Hulk
Maybe it's a bit different configuration (Togawa in the middle and Hattori on the side)
The first half saw the J2 rivals lock in a 0-0 draw. At the half, Takagi, Hiroyama, and Ze Luis were subbed out for Sato, Yoshihara, and Ono and it seemed to work because Hulk managed to deposit two goals in the second frame to lead Verdy to an impressive 2-0 victory.
Game 2 saw a more patchwork lineup as players tried out unfamiliar positions
Sugawara Kaimoto Ichiyanagi Killoran
Ono Sato Tomisawa Kosei Shibasaki
Saito Inoue
Like the A game, the B squads managed to lock up a half in a scoreless draw. Shibasaki, Tomisawa, Sato, and Ono made way for Muro, Miyasaka, Sonoda, and trainee extraordinaire Yamamoto.
Saito started the scoring in the second half off a heel pass from Kaimoto. Shibasaki Kosei put in the next goal off a cross from Killoran. Finally, after Sagan got one back to cut the lead in half, Yamamoto hooked up with Sonoda to get the 3rd and final goal for Verdy....3-1 and a sweep of a team that gave them fits all last year.
So if your keeping score at home
0-1-1 against J1 squads
2-0-0 against J2
1-0-0 against JFL
2-0-0 against lower division/amateur squads

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Ultranippon said...

I read in the official web of Verdy that Hiramoto was very active in the match against a strong team who, probably, will play for J1, Sagan Tosu. I think Hulk and Hiramoto seem to be compatible, it is good because both can score a lot of goals!

The first victory was good but the second was great! Verdy not only has a good squad but also a good TEAM. This fact is very important because the J2 season is very long and should be rotations in all lines.

It seems Yamamoto play good!