Saturday, February 10, 2007

Preseason versus Feverosa Ishikawa

Verdy took on Ferverosa Ishikawa with mostly a B team

Taira Inoue had the only goal of the game with a looping shot over the Ferverosa keeper.

1-0 Verdy.

Player profiles

I'm trying to get all of the player profiles done for 2007. If you have anything you want added or if you think I'm completely off on my profiles, let me know. I'm trying to get these done so I can send them to Matsu over at Rising Sun News as well. Anybody wants to help on these, that would be great.

One more request, start thinking about predictions for the upcoming J2 campaign. I want to put together a preview post before March 1st and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!


Ultranippon said...

In my blog I made the profiles of every member of the team, you know better than me what are the skills of every player but if you want, you can read it Steve!

Thank you for making this profiles, to know better the squad.

I would like to know who are the better youths in the team, such as
Fukuda, Miyasaka, Sonoda, Killoran Shibasaki Kosei, Shinmura, Yamamoto, ElSamni, Inoue... and what happened with the big Iida?

SMB said...

I saw the number listing but didn't see the profiles.

Don't sell yourself short on their abilities.......I just read more stuff about em. You and Nick probably know a 100 times more about football than I'll ever know. I'm still learning the game as I write!

Ultranippon said...

I will read your reports day by day to know more about the youngs!

I would like Rui give them opportunities to see their skills!