Saturday, February 17, 2007

2007 Preview- Mito Hollyhock

The 2007 season is nearly upon us. That means it's preview time! Soilent Green will be delving into the netherworld of J2 in order to (hopefully) get a clearer picture of what might happen in the upcoming season.

We start with the bottom of the barrel Mito Hollyhock
2006 Season 14 wins 6 ties 25 losses 48 goals 69 goals against -21

Always in the shadow of big brother Kashima, Mito usually has troubles scraping up enough revenue to field a team. Mito had the lowest support of any team in the J League, coming in at a slim 3,017 fan average.

One move that should have Mito fans hesitating to come to their grounds on the weekend is the loss of Anderson and his 17 goals. In his place comes 19 year old Edinaldo from Brazil, who the team puts it's hopes and dreams upon.

Mito also added a couple of marginal players from J2 squads, the most notable being DF Kazuhiro Suzuki from Kyoto Purple Sanga. Suzuki was one of the main players in back for Sanga during the promotion year of 2005 but could barely find the field in 2006.

Potential lineup 4-4-2

GK Koji Honma
DF Hiromasa Kanazawa
DF Kazuhiro Suzuki
DF Masashi Owada
DF Takashi Kuramoto
MF Takaaki Suzuki
MF Shohei Ogura
MF Takuya Shiihara
MF Kazuhiko Shingyoji
FW Edinaldo
FW Kohei Nishino

Prediction 12th place

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