Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rui has another birthday and Verdy has another match

Yesterday saw the 49th birthday of King Rui with a lifelike and frankly rather creepy looking birthday cake as well as a powder shower from the squad.

Happy birthday.

Verdy also took on Shimizu S Pulse in 2 full matches.

The first match saw a fairly familiar squad of

Hattori Tomisawa Tsuchiya Kaimoto

Nanami Ze Luis

Diego Sato

Hiramoto Hulk

With Togawa, Fukuda, Saito, and Hiroyama subbing in

Verdy fell behind early and was able to save the draw after a penalty was won by Hulk who deposited his second goal of the preseason (both on PK's) Final score 1-1

Game 2 saw some changes as the lineup looked like this


Fujita Tomisawa Ichiyanagi Kaimoto

Sugawara Shibasaki

Hiroyama Nagai

Hiramoto Inoue

With a sub pattern of Killoran, Sonoda, Ono, Miyasaka, Yamamoto (student), Shinmura, and The GK Muro as a field player?

The B team dropped the game 1-0

Today the squad took on Ferverosa in another TM.

Ichiyanagi named to the roster for a clash against the US U-22s

DF Yugo Ichiyanagi made the roster for the U-22s in their upcoming clash gainst the US on February 21st.

22 days until Ruy 2.0 takes off

Went to Family Mart and saw that tickets are on sale for the opener against Thespa at the national. What I am having trouble finding is any info on the preseason match vs FC Tokyo. I guess I'll just go and try to buy a ticket there. It looks like this is a FC Tokyo show. Any info on where to buy tickets, let me know!


Nick said...

Its listed on the Verdy and FC Tokyo websites as Sunday 25th at Ajinomoto pay on the door.

SMB said...

Thank you, sir

Will you be attending?

Nick said...

Im not sure yet,my wife is very pregnant at the moment (due in early March) so depending how she is,maybe. Im never really bothered about friendlies,ill probably use my Get Out Of The House Free card for a proper game.That said,it`d be nice to have a look over the new players before it all kicks off....

SMB said...

Wow.....that's good news! Do you know if the baby will be a boy or girl? Any names?

Here's hoping for a happy and healthy kid......congratulations!

ultranippon said...

Congratulations Nick¡¡ what a good new¡¡