Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sporting Verdy?

Song of the day Andre 3000 down with Tokyo Hearts?
A couple of the Japanese Verdy blogs have pictures of the new unis......Celticy? Sporty? I kind of like em actually. Havent seen the road unis yet but I'm sure they will be posted tonight.
A couple things quickly........Hagimura and Fukunishi officially called it quits. Hagimura will hold a coaching position with Verdy and Fukunishi will be on TV laughing at stupid comics and eating stuff.
Sorry I haven't written more.......Soilent Green is coming out my nose. I'm sick


Anonymous said...

The away kits are probably the white ones on the left of the home kit on the first link?? Aways are always white so, those`d be them I reckon. Two decent efforts, the away is particularly worthy. Top marks Mr.Kappa. Ive never been a big fan of buying football tops but I seem to have been inundated with Wolves crap since I moved to Japan...every Christmas, mugs,scarves or tops come along by the bucketload. Maybe its time to stick a Green one (or most likely white)in amongst all the Old Gold (basically orange). Actually, come to think of it they`ll be asking for 14,000 ish for it so they can go forth and you know the rest....:)!!

Ultranippon said...

I prefer my green shorts with my green shirt but the new kits are nice too.

See you!