Saturday, January 24, 2009

Song of the day

OK lots of news and little motivation to do this so let's do this quick!

First....that guy up above. Kazuya Iwakura. New Verdy member.......welcome!

Second.....former Verdy Kawasaki player and recent Consadole Sapporo retiree Junji Nishizawa joined the scouting staff for Verdy on the 19th.....welcome!

Third.....Technical Director Kato.....the guy who managed to blow up the team a week before the big game is out as of January 31st. The rumor is Kazu's brother Yasu Miura will take over ( how come that sounds like a cartoon pair of birds?).....soooooo....welcome!


New uniforms for 2009? This was on the site. Looks like there is a 40 year badge on the uni. The uniform looks the same but something is missing. I'll get to that in a minute.

The team announced Friday that no deal was done yet and NTV was super excited about the upcoming year and getting Verdy back to J1.

So in the 40th year of Verdy Yomiuri/NTV there is no sponsor on the jersey from either Yomiuri or NTV. Huh? Seem odd to you too?

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