Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 40

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2009 marks the 40th of the team currently known as Tokyo Verdy and I need your help! I'm trying to gather a list of the 40 most influential figures in Verdy history. Send in nominees for the Verdy 40 and I will compile the list. Could be great players like Bismarck or Hashiratani or bad players like Dedimar or Kenichi Uemura. It matters not!

Just to let you know, Kazu, Rui Ramos and Hashiratani will be on the list so you don't have to nominate them. Eugene Killoran? Not so likely so you don't need to nominate guys like that either. They don't have to be players or coaches......they could be moneymen, announcers, GM''s the limit!

Send em in. Arigato!


Anonymous said...

Im having a think and will get back...... top 10s since ive been here...forwards (some good some bad)
1 Edmundo (legend and AMAZING when he wanted to be, one man team)
2 Mboma (legend whilst not crogged)
3 Washington (great though team was crap)
4 Hulk (possibly the best we`ve ever had for all his bad points, on the field and on form UNSTOPPABLE!! albeit in the less than testing surroundings of J2)
5 Diego (Could have saved us last season)
6 Hiramoto (scored in the cup final....but has been there for ages so must have had some influence?? somewhere?? no?? ok sorry..)
7 The Donkey (Legend for all the wrong reasons, though shot us to J1). The type who makes you think being a pro-sportsman can`t be that difficult after all!!
Can`t think of 3 more forwards that Ive seen play who deserve making the list...plenty of average out there but not many more either REALLY good or REALLY terrible. Stick your lad on Saito as he was the second?? official Solient Green mascot after the original "Exotic Terminater" if im not mistaken?? I wish I could (or maybe Im glad I can`t) remember the other team members nicknames. They used to print them in the program next to the team sheet....pretty naff to be honest.
Ill have a think about mids,defs or goalies tomorrow.

Ultranippon said...

I liked a lot Soma and Daigo Kobayashi. Also the pink panther Takagi and Morimoto who scored in J1 when he was only 15 must be in your "Proyect 40".

Bismarck, Kitazawa and Pereira can be in your Proyect :)

See you! Vamos Verdy!

Anonymous said...

Yup Id go with Soma, he was first to be picked up when we went down first time, Kobayashi was decent too that year and was pretty young if I remember rightly. I was never much of a fan of Morimoto, he had all the hype and he is the youngest ever scorer, but he missed far more chances than he scored...I remember him banging one in off his nose for the 3rd goal I can actually remember him scoring!! He had his debut goal, the one off his nose at Ajinomoto and one against Omiya if Im not mistaken.

My mistake 5 goals in 36 apparances according to wikipedia...The Donkey has 9 in 33 (!!) for a comparison.