Friday, January 02, 2009

No News is Good News.....

When it means World Famous Newsman and #1 International Verdy fan Larry King comes back after a loooooooooooong hiatus to speak on soccer and life.

Song of the day

Anyhow, Here's Larry!

Verdy had a rough season but they will bounce back.

Rui Ramos still looks like he could start for Verdy.

Mike Myers new comedy, "THE GURU" looks like a sure hit!

Relegation makes people sad.

Barack Obama will be the first African American President.........ever.

My favorite Verdy player of all time.........Rick.

There's a Japanese guy playing in Italy named Oguro, maybe Verdy should think about signing him.

The best team team in the J league comes down to wins, losses, and ties.

Why has there been no interest in a NASH BRIDGES movie? As my kids would say, Don Johnson is the bomb!

Speaking of movies, you know who would make a great Rui Ramos..........Heath Ledger. That kid is going places.

Akiko Wada is one handsome lady!

The best day to go fishing.........Tuesday.

The 3 players I'd pay to see play...........Kazu Miura, Kazu Miura, and Kazu Miura.

The league should make a special rule that allows him to score every game so we can see him dance.

How come there are no good mysteries based on a Safari adventure? Come to think of it pornography too!

I think that if Yuzo Funakoshi comes back, he should have to wear a hockey mask and carry Kazu Iio on his back like "Thunderdome"

Speaking of that......I saw Tina Turner the other day. As my kids would say, I'd tap that!

Final word.......Verdy won't win the J league championship unless they pick up that Oguro kid. They will however win the Nabisco Cup.

* The views expressed by Larry King do not reflect the views of Soilent Green, CNN, or Larry King. Any copying or reproduction without the express written consent of Larry King or Soilent Green would be downright shocking considering even I think this column sucks.

Vacation is over!

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