Thursday, January 01, 2009

Shinnen Akimashite Omedetoo Gozaimasu!

Song of the day For the ladies of NTV Beleza.
This morning saw the only truly successful team in the whole Yomiuri/NTV family take on INAC in the ladies equivalent of the emperors cup. Needless to say, Beleza coasted to a 4-1 victory, completing the league-cup double and claiming their 5th cup crown in the past 6 years. It was a bittersweet day however as Shiho Onodera (bottom), Tomoe Kato (center), and Nao Shikata all took the field for the final time.
Here's hoping you find as much success off the field as you did on it.
29 predictions for 2009
Every year I make resolutions and every year I don't keep em so screw it. Here are my 29 predictions for 2009.
1. Funakoshi, Ono, and Hattori will all be on Verdy's opening day roster.
2. Diego will not.
3. Leandro will be on the roster but will be gone by July......nobody will miss him.
4. Martin Saito will find his way back onto a J2 roster and play his way into a regular spot.
5. Montedio will sign either Doi or Fukunishi.
6. They will be eliminated from J1 by October.
7. Consadole will be back in J1 in 2010. Verdy will not
8. Vegalta will be the first team to fire their manager. Toshiya Miura will replace him.
9. Cerezo will be promoted after they fire Levir Culpi at midseason.
10. Verdy will get off to a slow start and Sponichi will float numerous rumors that Takagi will be replaced by Rui Ramos. He won't.
11. The young guys will struggle at first but have breakthrough years, helping Verdy get promoted in 2011.
12. Kawano will be mentioned for National team duty. Oguro will not. His Verdy career will end at midseason
13. I will find a Mrs. Soilent Green.
14. I will also be out of tax hell.
15. Some idiot on Big soccer will post how awesome it's going to be for me to see Omiya play Verdy in J2 in 2010.
16. Their team will be relegated.
17. Sanfrecce will make no major upgrades thinking that they can compete. They will finish a respectable 8th. Hisato Sato will be top 3 in goals.
18. Tokushima Vortis will come in 17th.
19. Another big squad will find themselves in the same financial problems as Verdy and lose a major sponsor.
20. It won't be Yokohama.
21. SunnySide Up will be the new sponsor for Verdy. Sensing that the current team won't sell tickets, Nakata will unretire and suit up for Verdy. He will only last the season.
22. We will say goodbye to King Kazu, Gon, Fujita, and Okano in 2009.
23. Heath Ledger will win an Oscar for his role as the Joker.
24. Someone will throw a shoe at Verdy's president.
25. No fan boycott for Verdy.
26. Verdy will go with a striped kit ala Sporting
27. Kent Phillips will be hired by Mito Hollyhock fulltime.
28. Matsu won't protest anything this year.
29. All my readers will have the best year ever!
Happy New Year!


Vendo Thefastlane said...

I'd have to be the highest paid staff member to take that gig!

As far as all other predictions... Guaranteed!

Furtho said...

Go Vendo! It was meant to be!