Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh Lord.......

Song of the day I played this one before but I think it's a good one!

Larry is back.....due to the overwhelming demand (and serious lack of news)

Here's some more

If Princess Diana were alive, she would absolutely be a Kyoto Purple Sanga fan. Think about it.

I'll let you in on a little secret, drinking an ice cold beer while watching Verdy makes the experience that much better. Take it to the bank.

I'm concerned that we might never know who killed Jon Benet Ramsey.

I think Verdy would get a little more pumped up if we played Kylie Minogues version of the Locomotion before each game

OK, I'll give you a hint, Purple equals royalty and since she was a princess she would like Kyoto.

DeBarge was vastly underrated.

Y'know who would make a good Verdy manager.........Ossie Ardilles.

Dilbert would make a great Verdy mascot.

Kumi Koda......Hubba hubba!

Sometimes at halftime, I like to take a small nap.

Steven Segal would also be good in the role of Rui Ramos. Just saying.

Don't ever break wind in a half empty stadium. Trust me on this one.

I still don't understand why Verdy wear red and blue half the time.

Why is being Rick Rolled such a bad thing?

OK that's all for Larry......he'll be back unless there's actual news or I just get bored with the whole dang thing.

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Everything OK, Steve?