Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going into camp

Song of the day

Wow......rough day yesterday. Reading team president Hagimura try to spin the huge payout for Diego by saying.......OHHH, the player wanted to go nearly made me throw up. Don't lie about it. He might have wanted to go but there was no way you weren't taking that money.

Anyhow.....the team looks like it's gonna be what it's gonna be


GK Takagi-Shibasaki-Suzuki

Takagi gets the job by default. The best thing for the team though is getting the kid in once in a while to see if he is a player. Shibasaki isn't much of an option but is a good backup.

LB Hattori-Nasukawa-Takizawa-Tomisawa

Budget boy gets a second chance at the spot after a huge pay cut. Nasukawa is the only long term challenge at the spot but I'm thinking the young guy only gets in if there is a crisis.

LCB Iida-Tomisawa-Fujita-Kawamura

I think Iida gets the nod initially because Tomisawa plays everywhere on defense and a team with no depth needs the flexibility on the bench.

RCB Tsuchiya- Tomisawa-Wada-Tsurumaki

Easiest position on the team to call. Put this in ink.

RB Fukuda-Tomisawa-Wada-Tsurumaki

The boy gets a 3rd chance to prove himself.

LM Iio- Kawano-Takizawa-Leonardo

Not sure about this position. Takagi may opt to move Iio up top. Too many options here and not enough differentiation.

LCM Sugawara-Kawamura-Tomisawa-Shinmura

Sugawara gets first crack at the space. Not much depth in the middle.

RCM Kawamura-Shibasaki-Tomisawa-Nagasato

Again I think Tomisawa gets the bench because he is more versatile than the new Jubilo man. Shibasaki could compete for the spot here as well

RM Leandro- Shibasaki-Nagasato-Tomidokoro

Yeah, I don't believe I'm putting him here either. He is the highest paid guy on the team though so he's gonna play until they can foist him on some Brazilian club. Everyone will get a shot here.

2nd FW Hiramoto-Leandro-Iio-Inoue-Leandro

Best of a weak bunch. If Hiramoto comes in with his head straight, he could have a big year.

Target FW- Oguro- Funakoshi-Hayashi

Best not to talk about this.


Anonymous said...

Wada Iida Tsuchiya Hattori


Shibasaki Kawano

Iio(or a new guy!!)

Hiramoto Oguro

Is what I would like to see in the first game using the players I know anything about. This would be giving that I know nothing about the new guys and Im guessing Leandro will be gone. Wow!! The middle DOES look lightweight.....flat back four with Sugawara in front and diamond in the middle with Iio at the top. Actually Id much prefer to see Verdy steal Man Citys thunder and take Kaka from under their noses but given that that probably isn`t gonna happen I`ll go with the above....:)!!

SMB said...

Different Wada......this one is a 17 year old centerback from Verdy youth.

The old Wada plays for JEF Chiba.

Anonymous said...

Gone has he?? Ah well what the hell, stick Fukuda in there, keep Tomisawa and his crappy headband away, bell end that he is.!! Looking forward to it all starting to be honest.
Can`t agree with your finding of a redeeming feature for the Donk!! Ive heard of being positive but...:)!!

SMB said...

J2 is a different game. He can be physical with soft teams like Okayama and Vortis and put up some scores.

There is a spot for 1 foreign import (possibly not Kaka) and an Asian import. There is a bit of money from the two sales as well.

Wonder if they will keep the same uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Ill bet buying the beers at the last home game of the season, (or at least close to the end of the season that we are both able to attend) that The Donk will not get more than 10 goals in J2 play, even though there are a record 51 league games to be played...if he scores 11 I will happily pay for the refreshments for the afternoon!! If he has 10 or less, it`s your round!! (this is regardless of injuries)What do you say??

SMB said...

I will take your bet sir only because I'd like to buy you a beer. Might have to be after the season if Omiya has a game at the same time.

I will however warn you that in his 4 seasons of J2 play he recorded seasons of 27-9/34-7/22-4/26-8

It's not J1.....almost anybody can score in J2. Except Dedimar.

Anonymous said...

Those figures do not scare me in the slightest....apart from that fact that some of the new teams will be utter shite so he might have a chance!! As I said sometime near the end will be fine.Hopefully we`ll draw Omiya in the Emps Cup if we can get past non league opposition this year!!Something to talk about over a potentially painful season at least!!