Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cash money

We'll get to the gentleman above in a moment.
Big news out of Sports Hochi.......4 clubs are hot on the trail of Diego, including Kyoto, who is reported to have put up a record 470,000,000 yen bid for the services of the giant Brazilian playmaker. According to the paper, Diego and the club would like to stay together but if the money is getting into ridiculous numbers, it might be best for parties to take it.
Also according to the paper, it sounds as if Kyoto really want him. The numbers are gaudy but looking at the makeup and formation, it seems like a bad fit for Kyoto......what they might make up in goals, they'll lose in defensive coverage........and what happens with Sato who plays the exact same position as Diego? Sounds a little too much like fantasy football but if they are willing to shell it out, Verdy would be dumb not to take it.
Anyhow, I hope he stays but if he goes, he's not leaving the team in a bind and you can't really hate him for wanting to play top flight ball.
Who is the man in the picture?
I'll tell you.......he is new signing Genki Nagasato, a 23 year old central mid from Shonan Bellmare. Nagasato had a bit of a down year after playing in a majority of games 3 years in a row. Overall, the 178cm mid played 102 J League games for Shonan, scoring 9 goals. Nagasato was cut from Bellmare at the start of December after not getting his contract renewed.

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