Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big day for transactions

Song of the day Bye Daisuke

This is going to be quic

OUT: Kosuke Kijima to Fagiano Okayama
Sho Miyasaka
Nozomi Hiroyama Thespa Kusatsu
Daisuke Nasu Jubilo Iwata
Diego Kyoto Sanga (Knew it was coming but still gutting. Is it just me or is the new trend in the Kansai area to not scout your own foreign players.........instead wait for others to do it. Gamba was notorious for it and now Kyoto seems to do the same thing. Shimizu tries doing sloppy seconds as well but they aren't as good as these two. off the 29 predictions)

In: Kunihiko Takizawa Yokohama FC
Takahiro Kawamura Jubilo Iwata

Back: Toshihiro Hattori
Yuzo Funakoshi (2 out of 3, that's another one off my list)

The full squad is here

28 players for 51 games.........hmm.


Anonymous said...

Well people are losing their jobs left right and centre, the economy is in an awful condition, the corridors of power are infected with bumbling buffoons and Yuzo Funakoshi is coming back to Verdy....I would like to ask one question and one question only.
He was awful two seasons ago, he didn`t play last season, he is two years older than two years ago. You can`t polish a turd and Takagi should give up trying. If the Donk is our main striker next season...well it doesn`t even bear thinking about. I feel the Donk has basically got by in the J League on being unusually tall for a J Leaguer. Coaches must have always thought, Wow!! he`s big so he MUST be an aggressive handful and a threat in the air. How he continues to be employed is beyond me..he has done all in his power to prove the above absolutely untrue. If this is the calibre of signing to look forward to, then look out the new boys!! We are coming after your bottom of the league places!!
Hattori, well I suppose he can do a bit in J2, though Im sure we`d all prefer to see an up and coming youngster on the flank.
The plus thing in our favour here is that a good number of the other teams in J2 are gonna be similarly awful, so we may have a chance:)!!

Anonymous said...
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SMB said...

Hey.....looked like you posted the same thing twice so I dumped one.

Funakoshi can score in J2 and he's good on defending set pieces.

but yeah.......getting a decent center mid or side back would have been better.