Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Diego is done

Wow........the league put the hammer down and essentially gave Diego the death penalty for this season with a 2 game ban. So more math for ya 2+2 in a 4 game season equals disaster. Adding that to the missing Kawano and the injured Tsuchiya and you see a problem.

The good news is that this is a team filled with grizzled vets who tend to buckle down when the going gets tough. And one of the games is against a downtrodden consadole squad who looks as if they've waived the white flag

The question now is this......where are the goals gonna come from?

VERDY ties Machida Zelvia

TM time 1-1 Taira Inoue notches 1 for the green but they conceed late

Finally Bomberhead is fielding offers from Urawa, Urawa south and OMIYA??????



Anonymous said...

Huh indeed!! I`d say he`s as likely to go to Omiya as come back to Verdy....couldn`t happen could it?? I`d take him any day of the week. Nah...not a chance he`ll be at either team I`d have thought. Can`t imagine why Marinos would want to sell him??
As for goals, who needs em?? 0-0 ers all the way and we`ll be safe I reckon....... Hopefully Oguro can get back and actually DO SOMETHING. Hope he didn`t cost us much cos he`s done less work than a retired bed tester. Flop of a signing so far...same league as Leandro I`d say. Goals are a huge worry when you`ve got Iio, Funakoshi, Hiramoto, Inoue and Oguro to choose from. I have about the same number of fingers on one hand than theyve scored between them this season!! How scary is that!!
Id go Hiramoto up top with Iio just behind. That or just play 11 defenders and have them stand on each others shoulders and spread the whole team across the goal. A win would be great and a draw not a disaster. We have been picking up points recently and i think if we get something from each game from now till the end of the season, we should be OK.
Me and the lad (his first game) will be there, not been myself for a while so C`mon the Boys!!

Anonymous said...

Nuts!! we are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E if we don`t win tomorrow!! The results couldn`t have possibly been worse!!
A scrappy 1-0er with the winner banging in off Funakoshi`s arse will do! We HAVE to win...(unless JEF lose and we draw and then we still make a gain on someone, or we lose but JEF lose by 10 more than us)
Im hoping our lad will be a lucky talisman!!

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is the whole thing rigged?? EVERYONE at the bottom wins (apart from Sapporo who are well gone)and EVERYONE at the top loses?? The top positions decided on the last day and the bottom too??
Its exciting but...

SMB said...

I think it's just that the difference between 1 and 17 isn't that severe........Shimizu had an extra game this week and Jubilo played a B team versus Tochigi.

The shock game was probably Kawasaki versus Omiya which I saw for myself......Kawasaki was flat and nervous the whole game. I think the thought it would be s wslkover.

Fixed no.......nervy, yes.