Sunday, November 09, 2008

DANGER! DANGER! 16th place

Dropped like a rock.......2-0 Vissel

The shots got more prolific but it was not to be.

So going into the home stretch

JEF Chiba H Yokohama A Shimizu H FC Tokyo
VERDY H Consadole A Yokohama H Kawasaki
Jubilo H Kashiwa A Kashima H Omiya
Albirex H Omiya A FC Tokyo H Gamba
Omiya A Albirex H Kyoto A Jubilo
Yokohama A Chiba H Verdy A Urawa
Kyoto H Nagoya A Omiya H Shimizu

If I had to judge right now, I'd rate the schedules from easiest to hardest as Kyoto, JEF, Verdy, Albirex, Jubilo, Yokohama, Omiya only because Shimizu, Consadole, and Gamba have nothing to play for. Also watch FC Tokyo versus Vissel......if they lose that game then they are probably out of the running for the ACL as well as definetely being out of the Championship race.

Nagoya is banged up as well. Magnum just returned and Narazaki is on the shelf.

Big game of the week 1. Yokohama vs Chiba- big matchup between 2 of the originals. Just when you thought it was safe for Marinos, they are back at the bottom. Feel a bit bad for Chiba who dragged and clawed their way out of danger but find themselves back at 17.

Big game 2. Omiya vs Albirex- In October I had an idea about what I would write for Omiya's obituary but I held off because its November and Omiya owns November. Still playing in Niigata is always tricky. Niigata managed to steal a point in Kashima but their combination of bad defense (13th) and bad offense (18th) has put them in danger. Omiya is almost as bad in both but seem to have a little momentum.

If ya lose this one then you should probably prepare for the drop. Put Kawano and Shibasaki on the wings, Oguro and Inoue up top and run Consadole to death. They will quit if you get a lead but playing no goal trios up top ain't gonna cut it.


Omiya Fan said...

Watched the game on TV and Verdy didn't look very good at all, especially in the first half. I know many fans don't like Verdy because of the Yomiuri connections but I don't mind them - and thanks for Daigo and Yoshiyuki!
Would still prefer Jubilo to have a taste of J2.

UltraVerdy said...

Bad loss for us...
Just saw the 2d half, and these 2 goals.
So, 3 games remaining: 3 pts vs Consadole, 1 at Yokohama and another point vs Frontale.
GO VERDY, for the 15th spot !
C'mon Green Buzzards !

Anonymous said...

I have to say I usually look on the bright side of all things Green but........................................ Just got back and to be honest would have prefered to have remained under the kotatsu nice and warm drinking Tetley tea with the boy,watching Pingu, instead of the option I chose this afto....I absolutely can`t be arsed talking in detail about the game, how we were`nt 5,6 or even 7 down by the 20 minute mark lord (or Barack Obama) only knows..

I do not not attach any unluckiness to our lad, if I`d have had 200 rabbits paws in my pocket and 300 gypos casting curses on all of Kobes` sons we still would have lost. As the saying goes "you can`t polish a turd" and you sure as hell can`t stick a Green top on it and call it Real Madrid.

F**in` Rubbish with a treble F*F*F!!

Shizuoka Dolphin said...

Sounds pretty desperate for Verdy. For what it's worth (not much, I know) I'm cheering for you in these final weeks. With S-Pulse's league season over, I want Jubilo to go down with a passion which is actually surprising to even me!

Go Verdy - remember destroyed us 4-1 earlier in the season! Find that form again and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Why bother? Its a Kawasaki team.

Anonymous said...

to Shizuoka dolphin, we didn`t cream you exactly, you shot yourselves in the foot with an own goal and a backpass straight to our forward to give us a 2-0 start.Early christmas presents not a sound beating unfortunately!!