Saturday, November 22, 2008


4 pm is really the important time of the day tomorrow if you are a fan of the green. 4 games kick off at that time that have deep ramifications for the next campaign.

Game 1- Consadole at VERDY- The most important game of the day really. If Verdy can't beat Sapporo, chances are they don't deserve to be in J1, to put it bluntly. The number 1 question is who starts up front? If you believe the tabloids (AND I TOTALLY DO!) you are going to see Iio line up on the wing with Shibasaki, leaving the trio of Oguro, Hiramoto, and Donkey. Personally, I'd go with Hiroyama and Inoue because the speed would kill that backline but that's why I'm not in charge. Consadole sees this game as their last best chance to win in J1 too so don't think this will be easy.......especially with Davi auditioning for new gigs.

Game 2 Omiya at Albirex- BIG GAME!!!!!!!! I think the winner of this one survives. GGOA has a good one on this contest.

Game 3 JEF vs Marinos- I'm thinking that JEF will probably squeak out a win in this one considering Marinos took a looooooooong trip down to Shikoku last week to play 120+ minutes versus Urawa. JEF is at home and need the win more as well. All is not so rosy for Chiba though especially if there is a card happy ref in the game. 5 players are close to taking a break.

Game 4 Jubilo vs Kashiwa- Kashiwa is the only squad not in danger of relegation right now so this game is hard to call. We'll see how Komano and Kawaguchi respond to the short rest after their Qatar working holidays. Hold your nose and cheer for Kashiwa.

Finally------Matsu at RSN has a great article on Inukai up on the front page. Seems the only one who thinks Inukai is visionary is........wait for it.......RUI RAMOS who loves the idea of Nabisco going U-23. That way he could bring in more Jubilo retreads. rumor has it that Toshiya Fujita will need a job next year.


Anonymous said...

Id take Hiramoto and Oguro too, 3-4?? goals between them this year, the stats speak for themselves....but Jesus if they are the best we have got with Big Donk as back up?? Again as I said before, I have more fingers than they have goals this season also if I use 2 hands and they each include last seasons tally I think (incredibly) I still just about win!!
We need stellar performances from everyone tomorrow, we have to win simple as that.Then again, Omiya, JEF and and Jubilo are all thinking the same thing. Surely the results can`t conspire against us again...can they??
Anyone else noticed that all teams involved in the title race are playing early and all teams at the bottom are playing late??
Coincidence?? Everyone at the top to lose and everyone at the bottom to win??
Both races to go to the last day with the maximum number of teams possible ready to do or die on the last day??

UltraVerdy said...

Imperative win tomorrow !
Come on u Green Buzzards !

Ultranippon said...

Too bad draw :(

Almost Júbilo couldn't take the three points and now both have 37 points (but I see Cullen scored at 89' so waht a bad luck!).

So we have a hard match against Marinos, away and with Frontale at home. Júbilo should lose against Kashima away and let's hope the mighty squirrels can win them! :D

We aren't still in J2, it's difficult but let's hope we can do it!

See you! ¡Vamos Verdy!

Anonymous said...

We did nothing for 20 minutes and you couldn`t tell which team was rock bottom having won only 4 games all season....and after that Doi didn`t touch the ball!! All pressure at the Sapporo end but no finishing touch, unlucky that we hit the woodwork twice but at the same time we scored a bit of a fluky equaliser whereby if the Sapporo defender had anything about him, the ball would have never reached Oguro, which it never should have done anyway as Shibabsaki should have put it away even before the defender fluffed his lines. No complaints about the penalty, stonewall and dispatched with aplomb by Davi.
Barring an absolutely unexpected turn of form J2 here we come!! We can talk about bad luck etc but at the end of the day if you can`t put away an already relegated team with nothing to play for when you`ve everything to play for, then you might as well book your train tickets to the shithouse stadiums of Japan this weekend. Funnily enough the results did us a favour and we are still in there. First big f**k off nail went into the coffin today though and the Green corpse is well asleep and doesn`t look like stirring!!
On the plus side though at least it looks like there will be some new sides in J2 next year so at least the shithouse stadiums will different shithouses!!

UltraVerdy said...

Disapointing draw...
On the other hand, it's not over, and we have to believe !
Fortunately for us, JEF are down at home by the Marinos.
2 games remaining.