Monday, November 10, 2008

WSM grades for 2008

On a scale from A to E (like school A is best)


Tomo Sugawara


Yoichi Doi
Daisuke Nasu
Kosei Shibasaki
Yukio Tsuchiya
Toshihiro Hattori
Hiroki Kawano


Kensuke Fukuda
Takumi Wada
Harutaka Ono
Seitaro Tomisawa
Kazunori Iio
Nozomi Hiroyama
Takashi Fukunishi


Shigenori Hagimura
Taira Inoue
Yuzo Funakoshi
Yoshinari Takagi
Tsuyoshi Yoshitake
Kazuki Hiramoto
Masaki Iida
Junpei Shinmura
Masashi Oguro


Koijiro Kaimoto
Sho Asuke
Sho Miyasaka
Osama El Samni
Takahiro Shibasaki
Tomoyuki Suzuki

Players with the best record in games played

1 Tomo Sugawara 9 wins 5 ties 6 losses
2 Harutaka Ono 6-3-5
3 Hulk 5-1-5

And the worst

1 Bikkuri Donkey 0-0-5
2 Shigenori Hagimura 0-3-2
3 Masashi Oguro 2-2-7

Two things jump out

1 The swap of Oguro for Hulk has been a failure. Oguro needs service and Verdy doesn't provide much........especially with Diego out. The injuries and national team stints haven't helped either.


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Anonymous said...

And there you have the crux of the problem this season...only 1 forward with a creditable score. Diego has played well and absolutely been the go to man.Very tough on a weak team. Oguro has sucked, Leandro sucked, Iio and Hiramoto we already new about and have played to their expected level (though I hoped for a little more from Hiramoto), Funakoshi has never offered ANYTHING. Going forward we have had Diego and Kawano (occasionally) to inject the spark. Aside from these two a fat zero.
I`d put Hattori down the pile too, the amount of time hes been laid on his arse is embarrassing and the whole episode with the sniper in the crowd by the touchline. Sod him off and the donkey he rode in on. We have been pedestrian at best all year and what scares me most is seeing half the same squad line up again next season in J2 without a demon J2 level striker to outscore all and sundry virtually on his own. If we are J2 next year with this squad, we will be in J2 in 2010 season. That is GUARANTEED.
Id agree with Sugawara being decent, he puts his toe in and does the spade work. Unglamourous job but he quietly goes about it.
Id also put Tsuchiya in the top bracket, hes been our best defender by a mile this season.Not much contest their though except maybe Wada.