Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Leader Inukai speaks yet again!

So the chairman has decided yet again that the competitions should be dictated and controlled not by coaches and teams but by chairman Inukai himself.

Today he stated that Nabisco Cup needs to be a U-23 tourney. At first blush, I thought hey!! Great idea! Now some young guys can get some time. Then I thought, Hey U-23 players playing against U-23 players..........don't we call that the Satellite league. Then I thought, hey do teams actually have enough players under 23 to actually field a team even with the three overage player exemption? Counting the 3 new signings, Verdy has 10. And wasn't the whole purpose of the so-called BEST MEMBER rule to give the consumer the best bang for their buck?

Then I thought, how many people watch U-18 many people are actually gonna pay to see a team made up of pros and amatuers play in a competitions?

Then I thought.......Chairman Inukai would be far better served worrying about things that can be controlled by the erratic reffing. And maybe the best members for the competition should y'know not be dictated by league appearances or an artificial age limit but by the head coach. I'm not even against saying 3 or 4 players need to be under 23 if you want to encourage it but seriously, enough rules.

Now I'm thinking Chairman Inukai can stick his ideas up his cornhole

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