Monday, November 24, 2008

Could've been worse

Yeah not too much worse though........Oguro finally shows a pulse in this one but Verdy can't crack Consadole.

So now we go to the final 2

Let's go to the board!!!!!!

17. JEF United Chiba 35pts -18

1 card to oblivion-Bosnar, Saito, Ikeda, Sakamoto, Yazawa, Toda, Maki

Next games A Shimizu H FC Tokyo

Chibapool hangs precipitously over a cliff as the deadline approaches. Do they have enough to muster one final miracle? 2 wins are needed at this juncture......the early malaise has bitten them.

16. VERDY 37pts -8

suspensions-Diego (Out for the season)
1 card to oblivion- Tomisawa, Sugawara, Fukunishi

Final games A Yokohama, H Kawasaki

Why you don't start your best midfielder in a must win game is beyond me, but Hashiratani went with Tomisawa. Next game is an emotional one as another Classico hits against a resurgent Yokohama side. Harutaka Ono had a good seat on the bench last game........could he be the answer for the missing Diego?

15. Jubilo 37pts -6

suspensions- Chano (Out for the season)
1 card to oblivion-Nishi, Bandai

Final games A Kashima, H Omiya

Well, it went from ecstasy being up 2-1, to agony being down 3-2, to finally relief with a last minute notch by Bubba Cullen. Jubilo has a 1-1-3 record without Chano so it's gonna be a bit tough in the final going. Omiya is not a bad game for them in terms of matchups. Kashima on the other hand is a nightmare so stealing one point without any injuries or stupid red cards might be the best the can hope for.

14. Albirex 39pts -14

suspensions- Allesandro, Nagata

1 card to oblivion- Uchida, Yano, Matsuo, Chiba, Matsushita

final games- A FC Tokyo, H Gamba

Another sketchy ref job and Albirex might have to dip into their youth team. FC Tokyo is eager to finally crack the upper eschelon and a spot in the ACL would at least put them in the Shimizu/Kawasaki/Oita category. Add to that the Albirex form on the road and you could have a very long day coming up. Or FC Tokyo could choke bigtime, like they usually do in must win games they are favored in. Gamba looks like they have packed it in so that might be a break. Not sure if Suzuki should just bag the FCT game and play for the last one or not, rest all the guys who are in card danger and focus on Gamba. If Verdy, Chiba, and Jubilo lose on the 29th......I play the odds and do it.

13. Omiya 39 pts -10

suspensions-Leandro (out for the season)
1 card to oblivion-Kataoka, Y.Kobayashi

Final games H Kyoto, A Jubilo

So their two offensive schemers, Chikara Fujimoto and Denis Marques are out for who knows. their best defender is out on a dodgy yellow call and they face two squads that are scratching their way to survival. So what does Omiya have to be happy about? 3 wins 2 ties and 1 loss in the past 3 years of home and away finallies including a 1-2-0 record in December. That being said, a win next Sunday is job 1 right now.

12. Kyoto 40 pts -7

1 card to oblivion- Ataliba, Sato, Ando, Watanabe, Yanagisawa

Final games A Omiya, H Shimizu

Get used to Orange because for the next 2 weeks thats all you will see if you are a Sanga fan. Recent form has been a bit erratic for the southern side as they have gone 1-2-5 in their last 8. rumors are that GK Mizutani sustained 2 broken ribs so it's unknown what his condition is. the one good thing is that they have a hot striker in Atsushi Yanagisawa who notched 4 in the past 2 games. Losing the way they did also has to be gutting. Who knows how the respond.



Anonymous said...

JEF have big problems followed by everyone else with slightly less big problems. It`s absolutely too close to call for me. You might as well pick the shortest straw...Good point about Sugawara too, you know you`ve got problems when Tomisawa is stepping up as the dead ball specialist. OK he got one from miles out against Reysol last year but really?? None of the attackers fancied a whack?? Iio played well, Hiramoto was barely visible aside from one shot and turn which came back off the bar.

UltraVerdy said...

Here's the score:
Marinos 2 0 VERDY... bad luck in the clasico.
But, fortunately for us:
Antlers 1 0 Jubilo
S.Pulse 3 2 JEF Utd

We are still in the 16th spot.

Next game vs... Kawasaki !

Green Pride.

Anonymous said...

Saw the game and we have to hope JEF slip up again next week and we can take the play off spot. Kawasaki HAMMERED whoever today to leave them with a sniff of the title if they hammer us next week and Kashima lose. Its a sniff at best but they arent out of the race. Therfore expect a Kawasaki onslaught....Omiya can get out of it tomorrow afto after the results today. Jubilo must be sick after the 89th minute loss but we`ve had those both ways this year.
The match was forgettable when only the result mattered. Hiramoto missed a SITTER at 0-0 to go with hitting the bar last week. Oguro was quiet....funnily enough Iio who I have often been first (or at least second)to pillar has been the best of the bunch going forward since Diego`s holiday. Still again we aren`t out of it, heck we might even beat Kawasaki. Yokohama FC did Urawa on the last day and Im sure the odds must have been HUGE on that one. Thats what we need though, an absolute sucker punch, well below the belt with seven horseshoes and a Tom and Jerry comedy anvil in the glove as Kawasaki are obviously the superior team.Cmon the Boys!!!!