Saturday, September 02, 2006

Has the bottom dropped out yet?

Ahhh, yes, another disappointing loss to a Tosu squad lacking the services of J2 scoring leader Tatsunori Arai makes you wonder, Where is this team going?

It was just 5 weeks ago that Verdy stole a result in Yamagata to put them a mere 6 points from the coveted second spot and automatic promotion, but then Consadole came to town and the team started a lackluster run which saw them go 2-1-4 with horrid blowout losses to Ehime and Shonan and a stunning blowout win against Kashiwa.

The team now finds itself in a 17 point hole to straight promotion and 14 to the playoff position. 6 of the 11 players weren't even on the roster on opening day. The 3 new foreign players have been erratic and the team seems rudderless. Ramos strongest points have betrayed him as of late, most recently by the substitution of Silva in the Vissel game which led to a comeback by an undermanned Vissel squad. Newspapers and Blogs are starting to question the coaching acumen and personnel decision making of Saint Rui.

A loss to Yokohama next week would put the squad 17 points short of the playoff spot with 12 games to play.

Dark days ahead with no relief in sight.


Ultranippon said...

Uhh another year in J2, this is the hell :-(. I would like to see a strong squad next season instead of this men who seem to be scared when they are near the three top.

SMB said...

a fish rots at the top!