Monday, September 11, 2006

Keep,Cut or ?.......Strikers

Round 2

Ryosuke Kijima- Is he even with the team anymore? Good for the sattelites I suppose?

Verdict: ???????

Kohei Kiyama and Je Chun Moon- 2 projects who are very young. A loan to a regional league or JFL side might not be a bad thing.................FC Ryuukyu, we're calling you! Korean international Moon will hit the magic 20 in April so a decision needs to be made on him soon. I don't think he'll be one of the 3 senior internationals.

Verdict: ??????? with a nod to loaning out

Silva- I wasn't impressed in the first 10 minutes but then I saw the man run across the field to try for a ball that 98 percent of the strikers in J1/J2 would have let die. He has nice control of the ball and a fair touch. 22 years old and waiting to have a break out year. If they can get him outright, I do it in a heartbeat.

Verdict: KEEP HIM

Nozomi Hiroyama- Before the Yokohama game, I would have absolutely said see ya to Hiroyama but he surprised me with his nice passing, hustle, and good touch on the crosses. An ideal guy to put with a scoring minded midfielder like Marcus and a ballhawk. I think the midfielder background helps him to be the distributor.

Verdict: Keep

Koji Maatsura- Looked completely clueless in the forward position. If he's not good enough to win a midfield start, he has no business being on the team. Hustler but has no touch whatsoever and he loses his footing too quickly.

Verdict: Cut

Masaki "Big Martin" Saitoh- Possibly the best pick-up of the Ramos regime, Saitoh opened alot of eyes with his nice passing and physical play up front. Lately, however, he has seem to hit the wall not only physically but mentally. It seems like ruy has him on a shorter hook than some others on the team who underachieve. If Ramos stays, I believe it will continue and it will do Saitoh and the team no good. If a new coach comes in, I think Saitoh can bring it up a notch.

Verdict: ????????

Kazuki Hiramoto- Arguably the most gifted athlete on the field, Hiramoto tends to fade in and out of games. There is no excuse for that and the blame lies with both the player and the coaching. Like Saitoh, it does Hiramoto no good to stay with a less than stable environment.

Verdict: ?????????????

Takayuki Morimoto and Kazunori Iio- I don't bring these guys back for different reasons. Morimoto could absolutely use the international exposure to mature his game. He was trapped in the erratic dips in strategy and tactics and it showed. I think the Serie might do the trick in bringing out toughness in the prodigy. I don't like Iio as a player.......he's not pleasant to watch and he rarely if ever gets results. He's kind of delicate and he is careless with the ball.

Verdict: Morimoto-Keep.....him in Europe; Iio- Send him to the farthest most dismal league possible on a free transfer.


Aaron said...

Steve - this Iio character is surely not worse than Omiya's Morita.
If he is I shudder to think how bad he could be.

SMB said...

No he isn't but by saying this, I imagine that either Verdy or Omiya will see an Iio/morita pairing and I will be in attendance pulling out my hair as they flail away.