Friday, September 15, 2006

Not that there's anything wrong with it

I just got a pack of J Chips and found this card for Tokyo's "Other" team..........It's a little hard to read but the title is "GRAB THE CHANCE AND SCORE" and it looks like both guys are going for the man booty. Unintentionally funniest J league card ever.

In other Tokyo news.....Verdy signed three youngsters to be up with the big boys

Ryo Nakane and Shun Takagi will be the 4th and 5th keepers for Verdy and Osama Elsamni will vie for some forward time.

Grab the chance and score......EWWWWWWW


Nick said...

Id sent a few comments in but didnt realise you were having problems.Nice ass the guys there another team in Tokyo??!!

Nick said...

Is our keeper Takagi`s dog named "Shun" by any chance?? He`s gotta be better than Mizuhara!!

SMB said...

I just thought everybody kind of gave up on the site after the layoff..............there is but I don't see anything appealing about em, but hey I probably should Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo a little slack cause they're only JFL