Friday, September 29, 2006

Grabbag O' Stuff

The only thing more dangerous than Ronaldhino in the open field is the space between Rui Ramos and a camera. Here a poor child feels the wrath of Rui after trying to steal the Green ones face time.

Wednesday's slate of games had some serious ramifications for J2 in general and Verdy in particular. Yokohama, Kashiwa, and Kobe all stretched their leads with commanding victories over Vegalta Sendai, Mito Hollyhock, and Sagan Tosu. Verdy managed to drop down to 7th even with a bye because of a commanding 6-0 thrashing by Consadole Sapporo over Tokushima Vortis. The fallout from the loss was the final straw for the Pocari Sweaters, who axed their coach.

A little over a hour lasts before Verdy makes possibly their final stand against a Vissel team that has had the run of luck against them.

Except for the point accumulation suspended Shin Kanazawa, the lineup shows little change except for the midfield.


Kaimoto Togawa Hagimura Ishikawa


Ze Luis Ohashi


Hirayama Silva

Hagimura, Tomisawa,Kina, Kuba, Hiramoto


Ultranippon said...

On the one side, Verdy won... 5-2!! :D nice victory against a strong team. The last three matches Verdy won with a good play of Hiroyama. I think when Hiroyama will be weak, Hiramoto can supply him, they're a pair of good forwards!

On the other, Steve, nick, why do you think Verdy is so irregular in this season?

I think the problemm is the little self confidence who have most of players in a lot of matches because they're too young and they have a lot of pressure. Sometimes the team play so good and these players show us they quality but sometimes they seem a JFL team.

Another question, do you think Morimoto will return to the green squad??


Nick said...

Hi there Ultra Nippon!!
I think this year, our main problems have been a lack of defence and an unsettled line up..historically speaking, a lack of defence has always been a virtue with Verdy as when the othe r team used to score 3 we`d get 4!!
However, this season we haven`t had a solid platform to build on (as in a solid 11) and if no one knows who is gonna be playing every week then,as you say, no one is gonna be confident. We need 11 chosen players to start as the first choice and if those chosen players go out of form or get injured, we need back ups to take their places. This season we have had so many changes/new signings etc its been a joke.
The transition was a difficult one in that virtually everyone from last season who was decent was sold and replaced by anybody who had two legs and had seen a football before. We have played well at times this season, but as you say we have been completely erratic!! Win two, lose three...frustrating as hell!! Next season is the key!! There is always next year!! SC Tochigi is a definate banana skin.
With regards to Morimoto, if he scores,there wont be a chance of him coming back,if he comes back it`ll be because he`s done nothing in Italy.Don`t reckon he`ll be wearing Green again, at least not with any pride anyway...
Onwards and Upwards the Boys March On!! (Next year!!!!!)