Friday, September 22, 2006

Estafadorverdista vs. Soilent Green!!!!!!

My Chilean friend at El Verdy es lo Mas Grande made his own opinions known on who to keep and who to cut

I give you a comaprison!


Soilent Green EstafadorVerdista
Takagi keep keep
Mizuhara cut cut
Tokizawa keep keep


Yanagisawa cut cut
Hagimura cut keep
Togawa keep keep
Aoba ? keep
Kaimoto keep keep
Ishikawa keep keep
Nagano ? keep
Iida ? cut
Fujita ?/cut cut
Uemura cut cut
Tomisawa keep ?
Killoran keep cut
Ichiyanagi keep keep


Ze Luis keep keep
Marcus keep keep
Sugawara keep ?
Nagai keep cut
Ono keep keep
Ohashi cut cut
Kina cut cut
Kuba keep keep
Maatsura cut cut
Yuhei ? ?
Tsurumaki keep ?


Kijima ? cut
Hiramoto ? keep
Saitoh ? keep
Hiroyama keep keep
Silva keep keep

Pretty close except for Hagimura!


Ultranippon said...

Hello Steve! Whats up?? my friend Esfadador_cojo since July and September is trying to enter to university but he gave me the password to write the Estafadorverdista blog. I was inspired by your opinions about the Verdy's matches, if there wasn't Soilent Green 1969, I wasn't able to read about Verdy.

Your work is excellent Steve! thanks a lot!!

PD. Do you now where can I search photos of every match of Verdy?

SMB said...

Sneaky.........verdy blog, kazu 1968, pride of green and other blogs have good pictures

sometimes nikkan sports, sponichi annex, sanspo and sports hochi will have photos as well as js goal and the j league official site

If you use blog pictures make sure to give the people credit who took em and give a link so people know about their sites!

good luck and happy blogging!